Hawker Food Review: Chomp Chomp Food Centre


Chomp Chomp Food Centre, also known as Serangoon Gardens Food Centre, is a well known supper place in Singapore. It offer a myriad of mouth watering local dishes such as Satay, carrot cake, BBQ chicken wings, grilled stingray, fried oyster, hokkien mee, and more. Remember to bring lots of tissues, as you’ll be sure to work up a sweat by the end of the supper. I'll recommend some must-try dishes over at Chomp Chomp.

1. Chong Pang Huat.
BBQ Chicken Wings - $1.20/each

There were quite a numbers of bbq chicken wings stalls in chomp chomp food centre. I would recommend this stalls as i had been a regular customers of them and another reason is their bbq chicken wings is really good. Taste-wise, the BBQ Chicken Wings were tender and succulent. I would preferred to squeeze the lime over the chicken wings to give them an extra zest. The chilli sauce provided was good, the chilli sauce was really spicy and good. 

Taste: 4/5

2. Chomp Chomp Satay.
Satay - $0.50 / each for All types of meat 

Not the best satay i ever eat but it still good. The satay meat wasn't that tender and juicy, the satay sauce was really good, it was fragrant, creamy, savory and spicy. 

Taste: 2/5

3. Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan Seafood BBQ  忠忠海味园BBQ海鲜烧烤.
BBQ Grilled Stingray - $10/small

They served their BBQ stingray in banana leaf and grilled with sambal chili. The stingray were fresh, the meat was tender and juicy, the sambal chilli was really spicy  and fragrant. The only BBQ Stingray stall i recommending to everyone. 

Taste: 3.75/5

4. Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodles.

Hokkien Mee - $3

It was really good. The noodle is carefully stir-fried, creating a slippery texture, wet plate of noodles that is so easy to gobble down. The chilli sauce completes the plate of hokkien noodle, together with the fresh prawns and chewy squid. It was going another level of ‘shiokness’, squeeze the lime over the hokkien noodle for extra zest. 

Taste: 3.5/5

5. Chomp Chomp (Fried Carrot Cake).
Carrot Cake (white) - $3

The carrot cake was really good. Every slab is generously enveloped in eggs. The exterior is pan-fried to perfection while the interior remains soft and moist. The home-made special chilli paste has the right amount of spice and goes really well with the carrot cake. There are not overly greasy as compared to others too. 

Taste: 3.5/5

6. Chomp Chomp Satay Bee Hoon.
Satay Bee Hoon - $4

good satay bee hoon depends on the quality of the satay sauce, the texture of the bee hoon, and the freshness of the ingredients.  Taste-wise, the satay bee hoon was really good. The peanut sauce was really creamy and you can savour the taste of the freshly roasted peanut,  generous portion of the gravy, The bee hoon wasn't too soggy, it has the right texture. The pork, tau pok and kang kong were fresh and cooked to the perfect texture, every mouthful was simply good and the ardent desire for craving more.

Taste: 4/5

7. Sugarcane. 
Sugar cane juice - $3

 I love how oddly huge the Sugar Cane cups were. It's almost like a jug and the cup is way bigger than the size of my face. Sugar cane juice also help to cool down our body after all the heaty food that we ate. 

Taste: 2.5/5

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road 557269

That's all for this hawker food hunt!!

Thanks for reading!

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