KSL Pasar Malam (JB Night Market)


 JB night market that opens every Monday evening, stretching from KSL City Mall to Grand Paragon Hotel.
Name: Pasar Malam
Location: From KSL City Mall to Grand Paragon Hotel
(Opens every Monday)
5pm till late. 

Roads are closed for mobile vendors to set up their stalls in the evening.  
Be prepared to sweat a lot as the road will be very squeeze. 

Lets start off with the food, and those which is a MUST try!
Start off from KSL Mall.

1) Crispy fried chicken and squid. 

For taiwan food lover. Everyone will love it no matter what ages!

There also sell fried rice, bee hoon, noodle and etc. The cheese dog is good!!

2) Penang laska.

There sell penang laska, chendol, rojak, and pancake. The popular dish was Penang Laska.

3)  Muah Chee.

It has gather a lot of crowed. It has another competitor stall that sell the same thing as them. Go for this stall that are located at the start of ksl side. 

4) Pancake.

As you walk along, you will find 2 more stall selling pancakes too. But go for the stall that you saw!! Their pancake is more crispy and the portion is more generous.

There also sell some fried stuff that i don't know what isit!! 

5) Oblong Burger.

It is actually ramly burger. That you see in Singapore pasar malam too. The taste is the same!!

6) Honey lime Juice.

A refreshing drink to hydrate yourself!! There also sell rock candy. 

7) Sugar Cane.

The sugar cane was very fresh and sweet. 

8) Cake. 

This stall sell a lot of home-made cake that taste good. It is better than some cafe or restaurant. 

9) Teochew Kueh.

It has more than 2 stalls selling the same stuff. I guess this stall in the middle of the pasar malam tasted better. It has a lot people queuing for their kueh. 

10) Peanuts and crackers. 

11) Roasted Delicacy. 

Got another stalls selling the same thing as them but they have lesser crowd. Go for the first stall near ksl.

12) Fried Dumpling and Grilled Meat.  

The fried dumpling was very normal. 

The thai pork meat is the bomb!! It's a must try items. 

13) Penang Laska, Iced Kayang, Chendol. 

Their chendol is in beverage version!! It;s just another stall selling the same item as i saw it during the head of pasar malam. Go for the first stall near ksl!! This stall doesn't have much people visiting them!!

14) Dim Sum. 

The GIGANTIC bao!! OMG!! It's chicken meat inside. It's bigger than my pump and head!! 
It can share with at least 3 person. 

15) Herbal Jelly. 

16) Corn.

17) Drink Stalls.

You can add any topping to your drink. One free topping. Additional topping will cost RM 0.50. 

18) Cai Fan.

There are two stalls selling Cai Fan. Two stalls was very near each other.  

This is the second cai fan stall we saw. This stall food more appetizing than the previous. 

19) Pastries.  

20) Cake, Teochew kueh and nonya kueh. 

This stalls towards the end of pasar malam sell alot of snack items. 

21) Fried Mushroom, prawn cracker. 

The fried mushroom tasted good. It was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

22) Carrot Cake. 

There are 2 stalls selling carrot cake. Go for this carrot cake stall call JB Carrot cake. Their carrot cake is more soft, fragrance and the chilli is more spicy and fragrance. The portion of the egg was very generous too. 

23) Japanese food. 

This stall sell Japanese pizza and sushi!! 

The pizza was good but not the sushi!! The salmon wasn't fresh. DON'T BUY the salmon!!

24) Beancurd. 

The beancurd are really good. The beancurd was very smooth and fragrance. The syrup wasn't that sweet too. 

25) Grilled Oyster. 

Didn't manage to try it, as they are still preparing. Will try it next time. As i heard it was good. 

26) Nasi Lemak. 

The chilli was really spicy and fragrance. Not for spicy lover cause the chilli is really really spicy.

27) Lei Cha. 

28) Fruits.

Fresh fruits to consume. You can ask them to cut for you and put into a box. 

Foodie journey ended. And let see what other stalls sell..

1) Coffee bean.

2) Vegetable. 

3) Yong Tau Foo.

4) Egg. 

5) Seafood. 

6) Fish Stalls. 

That's end of the pasar malam!! 

A photo to end of this pasar malam experience!!

Hope this article will be useful for you guys!! :)

Thanks for reading,

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