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Anyone who has ever baked a cake will tell you it’s not rocket science. Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, beat together, chuck in the oven and – bam – you have cake. What no one talks about is what it takes to make a good cake. They think they have that bit down pat.

Always bake fresh; day-old cakes never quite make the cut. Only use the best of ingredients; French butter, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, perfectly ripe bananas. Skip the artificial preservatives. Buy from local suppliers; that way you know your eggs are fresh and your coffee beans newly roasted. Use seasonal produce so you’ll always be getting the best of the crop. And never ever, ever take shortcuts. Sift that flour thrice, toast those walnuts and grate that lemon zest by hand just as you’re about to use it.

They won’t lie to you; it takes a good dose of heart. They honour home baking traditions and keep their recipes uncomplicated, but they take the time to get it bang-on perfect. They mull over spices, chocolate and fruits and deliberate on how to refine familiar flavours.

Can take an ootd shot! 

Various of cupcakes to choose from!

 Ear Grey Tea - 

 Latte - 

Pretty average. 

Red velvet Cupcake x Vanilla Bean Cupcake - 

The flavors was pleasant enough, the cake was moist and cost. The frosting was smooth but a tad sweet for my liking. But the sweet tooth lover will surely love it. 

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 1/5

My Verdict:
The cupcakes was really good but it was pricey. It definitely worth the money. Guys, you can buy this and surprise your girlfriends/date. It can be a good add-up for birthday celebration too.

Plain Vanilla Bakery
1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641
Contact: +65 64655942
Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday: 8am - 7pm
                          Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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