What I have Tried at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2016


Every Year, everyone is looking forwards to the bazaar. The bazaar is getting more and more interesting each year, where every stalls owner is coming out with creative food to attract people to their stall. 

So this year I went with my LOVE , and we tried out a few stalls. Below is the food stall that we visited.

Cotton Cloud Soda Candy from Back Alley, we can say this isn't worth our money as this drink was just pretty normal. It was just syrup with lots of ice and water. I wouldn't recommend anyone to try it.

Rating: 0/5
Creative: 2/5

Beefy Cheese Fries - This is better than KFC cheese fries. But the beef flavor wasn't that strong. The cheese flavor is too overwhelmed. They should improve on their beef sauce. 

Rating: 1.8/5
Creative: 1.5/5

Malay Fried Snacks and Kueh - We tried a few items from this stall, we tried bbq wing, and fried prawn cracker. The bbq wing was very disappointing, it wasn't flavorful and it was under-cook too. The fried prawn cracker was good but can be improved.

Rating: 1.2/5
Creative: NA

The pizza looks good but we didn't manage to try it as we are quite full from all the food we ate. 

we did tried their Vietnam Coffee, but it was very disappointing as the coffee doesn't taste like Vietnam coffee instead it tasted like Nescafe coffee. No point trying this!

Rating: 0.1/5

Salted Egg Churros - We tried this out due to lots of media recommended! But we was try disappointed, cause the salted egg sauce was bad! The salted egg sauce was very bland, can't taste much of the flavor. The churros was soggy and not hot enough! 

Rating: 0/5

The Ramadan Bazaar is located at Haig Road and runs from the 4th June to the 5th of July, 2016.

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