4 Days 3 Nights in Batam (Part 2)


Start off my Day 3 in the gym! Went for a gym because i feel fats and guilty of eating too much good food!

The gym facilities. The gym equipment actually quite limited, but it was a spacious gym and quiet.

After my gym session, we went out to have our breakfast! We finally try the famous A&W fast food restaurant. A&W Restaurants, Inc., is a chain of fast-food restaurants distinguished by its draft root beer and root beer floats. A&W started opening franchises in California in 1923. They failed their business in Singapore but their business in Indonesia is quite successful.

 Twister Fries - 

I am not a fan of twister fries but this was good. It was crispy and not too oily!

 Crispy Fried Chicken -

Tried out their spicy version and also the original version fried chicken. The spicy version was really good, it was very spicy, herbs and spies aroma was strong and the chicken was crispy and tender. The original version was pretty normal.

 RootBeer Float -

The signature root beer float.

Nagoya Hill Mall
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am - 11pm

After our breakfast,, we headed to the famous temple in Batam. Tua Pek Kong is a traditional Chinese temple which is allegedly one of the oldest in Batam. It is conveniently located for visitors staying in Nagoya to visit . The temple has a nice patina which serves as an interesting contrast to the modern Maha Vihara Temple.

Tua Pek Gong Temple
WindsorRiau Islands ProvinceIndonesia

Back to Nagoya HIll Mall for our dinner. We went to have a simple dinner at the food street as we don't know what we want to eat.

HP decided to eat curry fish head at this 933 Lingga Seafood. This restaurant doesn't seem appetizing to me.

 Fish Maw Soup -

This fish maw soup was the worst fish maw soup that i ever had! The fish maw wasn't fresh and it also gave out a weird smell. The soup simply is hot water! Just wasted our money on this.

 Curry Fish Head -

The curry wasn't spicy nor flavorful enough. It was lacking of spies and ingredients. The fish wasn't fresh too as we can taste the fishy sour taste! 

My Verdict:
Don't ever try this restaurant. You will regret it.

Nagoya Hill Mall Food Street

Next, we went to a bar that recommend by the media and trip advisor.  

The bar is so empty and quiet. The music they play was indie/jazz song. We had a couple of beers and  went on to play pool and darts to entertain ourself. 

The chicken wings was normal. I feel like i can fry nicest chicken wings than them!

Lucy's Oarhouse 

MacDonald for supper as we feel hungry again! Their Mac was quite different from Singapore. The Mac here serve rice meal and also they selling fish and fries!

I tried out their fish and fries as this was one of the few Singapore don't serve! The fried fish was soggy and cold. Requested for an exchange but they say NO exchange. The fries was normal but it wasn't that salty and addictive than Singapore version.

The final day in Batam! We went to have the famous fish soup in Batam.

Everyone here all know about this famous fish soup. When we came here it was almost full house, and we saw some production was filming over here.

 Coffee - 

The coffee was worst than my instant coffee and it was super sweet. 

  Fish Soup - 

The broth was very clean, nature sweetness from the fish and aromatic. The fish was very fresh and tender. I can have 2 or 3 bowl of it before i cruise off. 

Yong Kee Fish Soup
Komp. PT. Hup Seng, Jl. Kompleks Business Ceenter Blok A No 5-8, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Daily: 8am - 10pm

Next we headed for our massage. Went to try our a massage parlour around nagoya hill mall. Went in try out this massage place called rejuv-a masage and reflexology. We did a body and foot massage. Their massage was just normal.

Next we headed in to the mall and do a last minute shopping!

Tried out this chaleaf bubble tea from taiwan, but it tasted not as great as my favourite Gong Cha. The milk tea was slightly less fragrance and less tea aroma.

Diana Layer Cakes was very famous in Batam! Lots of people drive here just for their kueh lapis! They homemade kueh lapis with original flavor and prunes flavor. Bake at home and sell at home only. 

Original Flavor 250000 Rupiah - 

It was quite expensive for a kueh lapis. But it was definitely worth the value! The kueh lapis was soft,  moist and flavorful. You can keep it for 7 days in the fridge! 

Prunes 300000 Rupiah -

The prunes layer cakes was slightly disappointed as the prunes changed the texture of the cakes and it wasn't that appetizing anymore. 

Food: 1.8/5

Diana Kueh Lapis
Taman Seruni Indah Blok. G No. 10, Batam Centre, Batam, Riau, Indonesia

We reached the ferry terminal way too early so we kill sometimes over here. Tried our this ulu stalls in the ferry terminal. 

Milk Tea -

Average milk tea that tasted like instant 3 in 1 milk tea version. 

Kaya Butter Toast -

The toast was too thick and tough too. The jam wasn't that sweet and flavorful!

Soft boiled eggs - 

Coffee Town Kaya Toast 
Batam Ferry Terminal

Opening Hours: Daily: 8am - 9pm

That summarize my 4 days 3 nights trip in batam along with my friend HP. I guess 2 days 1 night will be enough, most of the time we was very bored and spend the time in hotel room watching shows or writing our article. 

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Thanks for reading!

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