Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2015/2016


Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2015/2016. 

The well-tested formula for the events will be unchanged. Tasting tables will offer almost 300 wines, and a dense program of seminars will be led by Gambero Rosso’s best experts. Italian wine offerings are so rich that they are often confusing for international consumers. This is why Gambero Rosso selections represent a guaranteed way for promoting knowledgeable, attentive and curious development of Italian territories.

Sixty-five wineries participate in the Roadshow, famous and prestigious names. The tour will be supported by a constant process of communication that takes full advantage of all Gambero Rosso media.The trip will last eight long months, Producers will be on the front lines, striving to overcome cultural, linguistic and often taste differences. Italy’s wine world continues to expand its horizons and its commercial success: in 2014, it reached a record of 5.1 billion euros of exports.

Embark my wine tasting journey with my twinnie Kaviel. I will be listing down the 5 best wines that i had tried in the wine tasting event.

Tenute Di Emera: Sud Del Sud (Salento Rosso IGP) 2014, Mildly rich wine with fruity goodness taste that isn’t that dry to your taste-bud. Alcohol content 13.50%

Got a chance to take a photo of this pretty boss from Italy small town call Lizzano. Contact them if you want to buy their wines as their currently can’t be found in Singapore. 


Primosic: Collio Ribolla Gialla Di Oslavic Ris. 2011. First time trying an orange wine, the taste was surprising good. Characteristic and dry, the fragrance evokes acacia flowers, with undertones of bitter orange rind with pervasive mineral sensation. The finish is reminiscent of apricot stone and chestnut pulp. Alcohol content 13.60%. 

Omina Romana: Diana nemorensis 2012. The first wine in a line dedicated to the Roman goddess of the hunt with the same name. The deep red colour contains subtle shades of violet. Fruity aromas come to bear on the nose, while the palate carries dark red fruits, raspberries and blackberries, delicately combined with a note of vanilla. Alcohol content 13.50%.


Cavicchioli: Lambrusco Emilia Bianco Dolce. It’s a brightly colored grape variety used to make sparkling red wines in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. This bottle of wine surely will be lady favourite as it was sweet and easy drinking. Best suitable to goes with dessert. Alcohol content 5%. 


Nals Margreid: A.A Pinot Nero Mazzon 2013. A mature, zesty and fruity delight featuring cherry and red berries. The balanced climate of Mazzon inspires its powerful elegance, a harmonious opulence and well pleasing tannins, making way for a long and satisfying finish. Alcohol content 13.5%.

My Verdict:

We enjoyed ourself at the wine tasting event, we tried almost 100 types of wines and learn lots of drinking wine tips from some of the wine owners. 

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