Food Review: Sumire at Bugis Junction


Thanks Tom for invite and Dining Innovation Team for the great hospitality. 

Sumire Yakitori House launched its grand menu which included unique dishes with essential Japanese food culture to amaze local crowds. From innovating more than 20 dishes range from signature Yakitori, homemade appetizers, varieties of sushi rolls, and main dishes. They also add in Sumire course menu for groups, it can be enjoying from 4 people to more. They hope to bring a remarkable dining experience and hope you will smile whenever you taste their food that is always their company mission "All for your Smile."

 Volcano Roll -
Aburi salmon black pepper roll -

Aside from skewers and appetizers, they have varieities of sushi rolls are made by salmon and other seafood. They are serving 7 varieties of sushi rolls and all are below $10.00 for 4pc. They aim to provide the best qualtiy of food with reasonable price. California roll ($7.90/4pc, $14.80/8pc), Aburi Salmon mentai mayo roll, Soft shell crab roll, Ebi Crunch roll are priced at ($8.90/4pc, $16.80/8pc). Instead of an ordinary sushi roll dish, you can go for their new Volcano roll for the photogenic and delicious dish. This volcano roll is made from sushi roll with avocado, crabmeat, cucumber on top with spicy salmon, fly fish roe and homemade spicy mayo sauce to add on a little bit of spiciness. Aburi salmon black pepper roll is an interesting combination with black pepper flavor and with flame-seared salmon. Nixon grilled eel and Ebi Crunch roll are all priced at ($9.90/4pc, $18.80/8pc).  

Wagyu Aburi Sukiyaki -

My top favourite dish! Why so good about it? It was flame seared the slice of the tender wagyu with their homemade sukiyaki sauce and they serve with pasteurized raw egg yolk with a mini ball of Japanese rice.  Fantastic combination! 
Wagyu Zabuton Steak is priced at $19.80, Wagyu Aburi-Sukiyaki is priced at $12.80, 1 order is served with 2 slices of wagyu, egg, and rice. 

  Homemade Fried Chicken Wing ($8.90) - 

Homemade fried chicken wing is not just the regular chicken wing, Sumire Japanese chef brings this dish to Singapore from his hometown Nagoya. It was well fried still golden brown, crispy and juicy on the inside.

 Salmon & Cheese Roll Skewer ($5.90/2pc) -

Japanese favorite grilled Beef Tongue. This beef tongue is specially aged and it is softer than normal beef tongue.  

 Ishiyakitori Udon ($13.80) - 

Pan Fried UdonNoodle with varieties of chicken (Thigh, Lever, Heart, Skin) it is a unique Nagoya style of Udonthat will make you keep wanting more once you start eating it.  

 Signature Yakitori -

Something not to miss is their chicken shoulder meat yakitori! 

  Iconic Bakudan -

My second top favourite dish at Sumire! This is definitely not to miss! 
Fried potatoes with egg and many goodness in it. You will be surprise with the taste in it. 

Seasonal Menu -

Let's try it before it ended. 


80 Middle Road, 01-88/89, 188966, Bugis Junction
Contact: 6338 9963
Opening Hours: Daily: 1130am - 1030pm. 

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