(Adv) - The Sad Piggies


Sad Piggies is a game designed for people who like to laugh at mean fighting cocks, big size bulls, unusual deaths and silly ninja pigs.

Each player tries to kill as much pigs as they can while stopping others from getting any pigs killed. You can play interesting action cards like steal a pig corpse, revive dead pigs, skip player’s turn and many more.

Plays up to 4 players and it is a simple to learn, highly competitive and entertaining game.


Take turns to draw a card from the deck.

You can add action cards or tool cards to your hand. If you draw a pig card, you can kill it with matching tools in your hand.

Each turn you can play up to 2 actions. You can steal pigs from players, steal cards from each other or revive pigs back into the deck.

Do whatever it takes to win!
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