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Thanks Impact Mints and Adeline, Han En for the invitation! 

Impact mints has just launched a new flavors! Read more to find out more and the giveaway details!

You want to impress your first date. You have finally landed an interview for your dream job. You’re a step closer to clinching that business deal. You just feel good about yourself and want to enjoy life. Don’t let anything get in your way! Take IMPACT MINTS from Germany and keep your breath in mint condition, ensuring you make an IMPACT at every occasion.

Forget about that flimsy packaging. IMPACT MINTS’ superior tin packaging keeps your mints secure and comes in a conveniently handy size with 70 mini mints. The plastic insert ensures perfect hygiene and makes it easy to share among friends. These quality mints are certainly more than just your ordinary mints. Great fruit flavors and sugar-free, IMPACT MINTS are for everyone to enjoy.

IMPACT MINTS has been around in Asia for many years. They started in Japan in 2002, followed by South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. IMPACT MINTS comes in 5 core flavors such as blackcurrant, fresh mint, strawberry and the latest addition - mango.

Carrying a tin of IMPACT MINTS gives you confidence on the go. Tuck into your favorite meal anytime, then pop in one of these great fruity mints and let the refreshing sensation linger! With the unique fruity essence of Peach and Blackcurrant or the pure freshness of the Fresh Mint.

IMPACT Sugar Free Mints are developed and made in Germany, ensuring the highest quality of product. They have eliminated any artificial coloring agents after several reports indicated their negative effects.

IMPACT Mints and other IMPACT products can be found in selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, SPC, Caltex 7-Eleven & Cheers outlets.

Peach Mints
Uses a special Japanese peach to ensure the fragrance and taste is transferred to every part of your
senses. A sensation in itself unmatched by any other.

Strawberry Mints
The perfect red strawberry which your can enjoy every day with a glass of champagne or without, its
like the real thing, tasty.

Mango Mints
Get a burst of island flavor as the sweet mango does the tango with your taste buds.

Blackcurrant Mints
This has become a favorite among many as they taste the berry flavor with a hint of mint, watering your mouth and reaching every taste buds.

Fresh Mints
The stylish black tin in combination with perfect freshness from their unique spearmint mix has ensured its constant companion of many.


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I will randomly pick one winner on 18 August 2017. 

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