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Thank Althea for sending over this beauty box to me. Now I can pamper myself and look even better everyday.

Althea: The best of K-Beauty is found right here in Althea Korea with competitive prices offered along with a comprehensive line of beauty products from Korea.

In June 2015, Althea was founded to bridge authentic K-beauty to SEAsians.

Despite the increasing popularity of K-beauty items in the world, there was not a one-stop shopping destination where every and anyone in the world could enjoy authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price, just as Korean consumers do in Korea.

Althea innovates the cross border distribution channel to connect K-beauty suppliers directly
with SEA consumers.

Althea offers comprehensive K-beauty selections at the lowest price to our consumers and strives to become the gateway to the world, most favoured by K-beauty suppliers.

Let’s begin a journey to Korea with Althea now.

What I had for my beauty box!

Hiddencos Latte Mask:
[Whitening, Wrinkle-Improving Functional Cosmetics]
It contains the Premium Arabica coffee extract from Colombia to provide rich moisture
and nutrients to the tired skin from polluted air and brightens skin and the extract of Adenosine,
FDA certified functional ingredient for improving wrinkles, and a whitening functional ingredient Niacinamide to manage clear and elastic skin.
The patented Phyto Oligo ingredient fills your skin with moisture to protect and maintain smooth
and perfect skin.

Hiddencos Americano Mask:
Moisturizing, Nutrition with coffee extract.
Life and Nutrition to tired and lethargic skin.

Premium Tomato Whitening Toner:
A brightening toner containing 10% sun-kissed tomato extract and vitamin-C to enhance complexion.

Innisfree Broccoli Lotion:
It contains broccoli and salicylic acid (0.1%) components.
so skin calm and care the sebum and blackheads.

THE FACESHOP Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam:
This gently cleansing foam offers your skin a clear and even complexion. Enriched with a natural rice water solution with brightening properties, it cleanses skin without irritation, thanks to its creamy texture.

Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm (20g):
  • Lightweight eye balm that moisturize the skin around eyes
  • Brightens, and strengthens the skin
  • Diminishing the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines

the SAEM Saemmul Water Candy Tint:
Water type tint gives moisture absorption with light fresh finish, honey extract, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients prevents from drying. One touch gives vivid color with bright light on face, gives vivid long lasting color. High molecular light gel structure aqua keeping matrix gives inner lips active ingredients preventing from drying. Water color spreading method, gives clean soft color fills curved lips with non removing long lasting.

Monstory Girly Mon Brightening Care Fresh Mask:
  • Wizard Monster GirlyMon who returns milk-white, transparent skins with Raw rice wine.
  • Brightening care
  • Raw rice wine Rice bran.
  • Mask pack made from natural materials

My Verdict:
So far, I love their mask and the lotion I received! After using the mask and lotion, I find my face is getting smoother and healthier. I will continue to purchase once I run out of it. 


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Till then..

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