4 Days 3 Nights in Bangkok (Part 1)


Recently i traveled to bangkok for a vacation! Went with a guy friend call Eugene! Knew him since secondary school time till now! But not really close with him! 

I am going to blog about what i have done and ate during this trip! 

This is my first time travelling to Thailland, bangkok and it my first time flight with Airasia. The airplane was quite small and the seat was quite squeeze thought, i know that it's an budget airline so i won't complain much!

Safely landed to Bangkok! This shop was crowed with people buying Prepaid card! I brought my prepaid card from there too! No internet will be torturing! 

I brought the 290baht plan. That come with 7 days unlimited data and 30 baht outgoing calls! 
The internet speed was quite slow though but if you are uploading photos to instagram it should be no problem or using google maps. 

Checked in our hotel after leaving the airport! We will be here for the next 4days! Catch my review on Holiday inn express bangkok Siam!

Next up, we went explore around Siam! 

#JthejonInBKK DAY 1-2

First meal in BKK! Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5 is a casual and trendy dining spot that has risen to fame serving up tasty, foreigner-friendly papaya salad and other Issan-region dishes. Hidden deep down on one of the alleyways leading away from Siam BTS station, the search for Som Tam Nua is a fun prelude to a tasty meal, and, at times, the queues of locals trailing out the door testify to its reputation. Located in Siam Square, the main fashion hub of the city, there are a whole range of fashion stalls and interesting shops surrounding the restaurant.

 Thai Iced Milk Tea -

The milk tea was very diluted and the tea aroma was super light! Not recommended!

Taste: 0/5

 Thai Flour Noodles -

It came with flour noodle, pork floss, pork lard, carrot, and veggie. 

It was well stir fried, the noodles was very moist, soft and flavorful. It was a well mixtures of ingredients too! 

Taste: 3/5

 Larb moo (Basil Chicken) -

It served with minced chicken, basil leaf, pig livers, onion and herbs, 

It was a nice mixture including some lovely chunks of liver and nice chunks of red onions. I also love the whole dry chilies.

Taste: 2.5/5

 Som Tam Thai with Salted egg -

It was okay, not bad, average but I personally don't think it's impressive.

Taste: 1/5

 Fried Chicken -

MY FAV AMONG ALL! Fried Chicken! I know you must be thinking what's so special about this fried chicken. Singapore also got fried chicken what! I tell you, YOU'RE WRONG. This fried chicken is so so good! They are well marinated, crispy outside and super smooth inside. Once you bite on it, *crippppppppp! You get what I mean!! 

Taste: 4.5/5

Sauces for chicken wings. Thai chilli on the left and sourish chilli on the right! 

Food: 1.75/5
Ambiance: 1/5
Service: 2/5

Overall, Their menu is just a simple one, pictures and it's one sided lol. We ordered most of their popular food thou. In short, it's really worth visiting! 

Som Tam Nua

Siam Center, 4th Floor

Phone: +66 2 658 1000
Open Daily: 10am - 930pm

392/14 Soi Siam Square 5

Phone: +66 (0) 22 51 4880
Open daily: 10:45 a.m. - 9.30 p.m.

When have some bubble tea for dessert after our lunch! 

FUKU MATCHA: Kyoto Matcha & Tea Cafe which imports premium and quality matcha and tea from Kyoto,Japan. Their matcha and tea are imported and passed Thai FDA standard. To have best health concern , FUKU MATCHA uses only fresh milk not non diary creamer to be main ingredient. 

 Full Menu but we don't understand!

 English version menu but only top seller drink! 

Kyoto Matcha Latte with pearl and matcha soft serve ice cream -

Tasted normal! Nothing special about it!

Taste: 1/5

Fuku Matcha
Siam Center, 4th Floor
Open daily: 1030am - 930pm

I brought their EZLINK over there. It costed 80 baht for the card and 100 credit in it. As i think it will be more convenience.

While my friend brought a single trip tix. The single trip price depend on how far it was. Fare is the same to the EZLINK.

A BTS skytrain station map behind the single trip tix. 

The peak hours at SIAM Station

Next up, we went to Victory Monument! Eat and snap while exploring victory monument. 

We settled our dinner at Pla Thong Mookata.  

This Thai Mookata served in Buffet style and it cost only 159 Baht!! EAT ALL YOU CAN! This is definitely a good recommendation by my blogger friend HP. It was an outdoor ambience although they installed multiple fans but it still quite hot! Warning!! You will be sweat out of the place. 

Wide range of choices!! They are more than 20 different type of food to choose from.

Dessert section!! Include self made french toast, fruits and ice kayang!! 

Me and my friend enjoyed this mookata!! 

Taste: 3/5

Overall, The mookata was really good! No wonder that so many tourists and locals here! It worth every penny! 

Pla Tong Mookata
Thanon Phaya Thai
Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Day 2 -

Went to the famous Chatuchak weekend market - 

Map of Chatuchak Market -

Some stalls in Chatuchak market: Clothing, bags, wallets, religious statue, flowers and even massage. 

Some live band in a shop, art gallery and Talents promoting items on the street!
Just some common stuff you will see in Singapore too just that is cheaper!!

The famous coconut ice cream in Chatuchak market!! 
You an choose 3 topping for your coconut ice cream. The choices of topping: Red bean, barley, Nata, Green thingy, corn, and Pomelo. 

I choose red bean and barley. The red bean tasted weird as it has a sourish after taste. The coconut ice cream is really good, it was smooth, rich, coconut aroma was strong!!

Taste: 2.5/5

Another popular stall in chatuchak! Just next to the famous coconut ie cream stall. 

Consider the best thai iced milk tea in Chatuchak market!! The milk tea aroma was very strong, it was thick, rich and the sweetness just perfect! 

Taste: 3/5

This glass jelly stall drink was good too! My friend tried it!

Taste: 1.5/5  

 Orange Popsicle -

One of the hidden gem in Chatuchak! The small cafe was fully seated and their business was really good so i decided to give it a try! The stall is popular for their ice cream and the soda mixtures drink!

 The bartender -

Summer Blue -

Blueberry, soda and lime juice.

It was an  refreshing drink! The best seller over here. 

Taste: 3/5

Overall, My experience at chatuchak market was good. Brought a lot of stuff and Drink a lot maybe cause the weather was too hot! But it was bearable. My friend left halfway while i am shopping! Haha

Somboon Seafood is something like Long Beach and Jumbo Seafood. It is very popular in Bangkok. Yes, it is air conditioned and that means you can enjoy your seafood in comfort. The restaurant is spacious and it can get very noisy during peak hours. Be prepared to queue at some outlets.

 Chrysanthemum tea - 

The tea was smooth, aromatic and sweet! Tasted different from Singapore version! 

 Lime Juice -

 Steamed Rice -

 Kangkong with Garlic and Chilli -

Got cheated cause it was spicy at all! The kangkong was quite plain and lacking of some flavors! Not recommended!! 

Taste: 0.25/5

 Thai chilli fried grouper -

The grouper was very fresh, the fish was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The meat was very smooth and moist. The thai chilli was perfect!

Taste: 4/5

 Tom Yum Seafood -

The first tom yum soup that i felt it was really good! It was spicy and flavourful! It was good, with a decent amount of seafood in it.

Taste: 4/5

Somboon Fried Curry Crab -

 This is different from the normal curry crabs that we see in Singapore. I felt that it was not spicy. But it was soooooo delicious Basically, the sauce is a mix of eggs and curry powder, with a mild taste of leek. It went really well with rice! They have the real crab version and the crab without shell version (for lazy people). When you are not in the mood for intense crab-cracking, its a good idea to get those that are without the shell.

Taste: 3.5/5

Food: 2.75/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 1/5

Overall, I had a pleasant dinner at Somboon Seafood. The price for both of us came up to around S$67 (Singapore dollars) which was not really cheap in Bangkok sense. But, we were definitely satisfied because we know that we would not be able to find such a good deal in Singapore!

Somboon Seafood
4th fl., Siam Square One Building Rama 1 road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 (BTS Siam Station)
Contact: +66 (02) 1151 4012 
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Next up, ending off day 2 with an good dessert!! New cafe opened in Siam Centre. Saw this cute cafe so decided to give it a try!

Signature Iced Chocolate -
The recommended drink from the staff! The iced chocolate was chocolaty. They used dark cocoa  for their iced chocolate! It topped up with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate candy. Chocolate lover surely will love it!
Taste: 3/5
Overall, i really love the ambiance of the cafe and the interior design. The drink was not bad too.
Think Cafe
Siam Center, Ground Floor
Opening Hours: 11am - 930pm

Stay tune for my part 2 post! 

Thanks for reading!

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