Food Review: Siam Secret


Went to try out Siam Secret near my workplace office with my Team. What had we try?

I order their Thai Milk Tea and I am very disappointed! Their Thai Milk Tea doesn't taste like Thai Milk Tea at all! It tasted like diluted milk! 

Thai Spring Roll -

Mini version spring roll. Taste pretty normal too. 

Tom Yum Chicken Soup -

It tasted super ordinary. It was lacking of flavours and spices. 

Pineapple Fried Rice -

The pineapple fried rice is really good! Flavourful, fragrance, and addictive. I don't mind coming back for more. 

Green Curry Fried Rice -

Spicy lover alert! This plate of green curry fried rice not just yummy, it is also spicy and fragrance. It's worth a try.

Mango Sticky Rice -

It comes with a 5 colourful sticky rice but it was just colouring. I think it will be better if all 5 types of color has a different taste! They are using fresh mango too. 

Food: 1/5


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Jonathan Soh

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