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A brand new year, a brand new start! Hope this year I can achieve my goals and more trips! 

Lets' start off with the year and my first post with my favourite Japanese Cuisine. Went to have Shabu Shabu steamboat with my fried Olive after I came back from Korea. 

Shabu Sai earns its name from the word “Shabu” – the sound of ingredients being swished in a boiling pot – and “Sai” which means vegetables. Japanese-style hotpots are unique in the method of serving, cooking, and eating. Thinly sliced meat and vegetables are quickly boiled in broth and served with various dipping sauces. Shabu Sai serves up to 7 varieties of soups, a wide variety of vegetables and hotpot items, as well as a sauce bar for diners to freely concoct their desired taste. Shabu Sai has more than 60 outlets across Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

The Fruits and Sushi Station.

Veggie and Seafood station. 

There's a total of 6 type of soup for you to choose from.

We choose the "Mala" and"Yuzu Collagen" for our soup base. The "Mala" was very disappointing, it wasn't taste like mala at all. The yuzu was much more better and good for shabu shabu the meat. 

Our own D.I.Y sauce. 

There's serve 3 types of meat, Chicken, Beef and Pork. The chicken was yummy than the pork. 

Food: 2/5
Ambiance: 1/5
Service: 1.5/5

My Verdict:
We don't really like shabu sai. We don't really enjoy it. The soup base wasn't that fantastic and the choices of veggie and other ingredients was quite limited as compare to other Japanese shabu shabu restaurant. I won't really recommend anyone to try it.

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Thanks for reading!!
Jonathan Soh

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