Cafe Review: Dal.komm Coffee


Where coffee, story, and music all come together at dal.komm COFFEE. The world’s first-rate coffee beans and barista expert create the best coffee and integrated with online music content to create a multi-purpose cafe where music is brought to life through interior design, Music Cards, Veranda Live, etc.

Through Danal Entertainment’s investment in February of 2013, dal.komm Co., Ltd was established. And extensive contents and dynamic marketing as well as exceptional dedication in producing the best coffee and music, dal.komm COFFEE has become widely recognized as the coffee brand that provides a sense of closeness and special value to all its consumers.

Coffee, story, and music all combine through dal.komm coffee’s Sound Blending concept where the world’s first-rate coffee beans and barista expert create the perfect coffee. And for the first time in the industry, dal.komm’s BOGO deal offers a unique coffee and music package that provides the higest customer satisfaction and meets all expectations for delightfully divine coffee and music.

Sweet Potato Latte -
Sweet potato latte made lusciously sweet. It definitely worth the price.

Lychee Rose Cake - 

Ladies definitely will love it. The lychee aroma was very strong and the cake was moist, and flavourful. Guys might not like it as it was quite sweet for non sweet tooth person. 


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