Food Review: The Armoury


The Armoury – Café by day, Craft beer and Wine bar by night.

From craft beers to coastal seafood, the Armoury offers a magical dining experience led by Chef Ben and his culinary team in an elegant, fanciful colonial building. 

Chef Ben combines traditional European and Asian flavors with cutting edge culinary techniques in playful and sophisticated dishes. The elements that The Armoury offers – superb all day cuisine, extensive wine selection, beer infused cocktails,10 different types of craft beers, specialty coffee, all in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, rendezvous together at the South Beach Quarters. 

Starting with a cup of coffee during the day and the Chef’s breakfast sets, The Armoury evolves into a fine casual restaurants with an extensive selection of wines that pair perfectly with the bounty of the Chef’s kitchen. The menu includes modern brunch, protein lunch dishes, European main cuisines and tapas to round out the extensive offerings.

A craft beer to kick start our dinner. A dinner with my good friend Jolyn.

Maisel Lager - 
Light and easy drinking beer.

Peach Julep - 
The taste was so similar to "Pink dolphin" drink if you had drank before.

Pork Belly Confit - 

The melty texture pork belly definitely win my heart away. With watermelon added on to it, It enhanced the overall taste, It won't make it so oily. 

Chicken Chop - 

Lots of effort and ingredients has been putting in this dish. Soft, tender and falvorful chicken combined with the truffles mashed potatoes make it perfect.

Ume Soba -

This dish is only available during lunch time. It more on light and healthy eater. The ladies favourite lunch dish. Soft and smooth soba topped up with savory Roasted Pork belly and mushroom. Break and mix the 63°c egg yolk to make this dish unforgettabls. And don't miss out the soup. 

Berry Ricota Hotcake -

It's not easy to make a good hotcake, but I am glad they succeed! The hotcake has a crispy outer area and it also has the super moist and soft texture in it. The berries make everything perfect and much more healthier. 

Matcha Ice Cream -

One and only dish that we don't is good enough. We both found that the matcha was lacking of the matcha aroma and also it wasn't sweet enough. It came along with the red beans and almond nuts. 

My Verdict: 

My friend and I enjoyed our dining experience over at The Armoury gastrobar. Their food is really worth trying. 

                   The Armoury Gastrobar
South Beach Quarter
36 Beach Road
Contact: 6385 3173 

Opening hours:
Mon - Tues: 5pm - 11pm
Wed: 5pm - 2am
Thurs: 5pm - 11pm
Fri- Sat: 5pm - 2am
Sun: Closed

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