Celebrate Your Lunar New Year with Furama Riverfront


To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY), Furama RiverFront has designed two special offers featuring decadent seafood dishes, delightful sweet treats and unforgettable stay experiences. Lunar New Year will never be complete without festive delights, so the hotel proudly presents a deliciously imaginative menu offering created by award-winning Executive Chef, William Lum, and his team.

A Delightful Celebration Spread 
Anticipate sumptuous Chinese New Year delicacies at The Square @ Furama this Lunar New Year! Indulge in festive must-have dishes such as Pencai, and awaken your palette with Steamed Snapper with Mushroom & Ham with Superior Gravy, Aromatic Coffee Pork Rib, Fried Pork Belly with Fermented Red Bean and much more, available on rotation for lunch and dinner. 

Enjoy a complimentary serving of Poached Osmanthus Chicken for reservations 
of 8 and above. Keep little ones entertained during Chinese New Year Eve dinner with 
activities available at the children play area, Tykes @ The Square. Stand a chance to win a one-night stay or dining vouchers when you dine with them on 27 – 29 January 2017.

Start off my CNY lunch with an welcome drink. This mocktail served in pineapple and orange.

What is CNY without Lou Hei. Lets welcome the year of rooster with a bang. HUAT everyone!!

Salmon Yu Sheng - 

It has two pricing! $58++ for 4-6 pax, $68++ for 8-10pax. The one that I having is $68++ serving. The yu sheng comes with the common ingredients.

Time to lou!! As messy as possible!

The taste of the yu sheng is good. The sauces wasn't too sweet, it was just perfect.

Double Boiled Sakura Chicken with Winter Melon Dried Scallop and Honshimeji Mushroom - 

Cooling soup for your body. As Cny we always tend to eat too much unhealthy food and junk food. This dish can help to reduce the impact on it.

The broth was aromatic, clear, rich, and lots of nutrition. The chicken they used was sakura chicken, as the chicken will be more organic and good for health too.

Wok Fried Coffee Pork Almond Flakes -

Well work fried pork. The coffee aroma wasn't too overwhelming instead it was just right. The pork meat was crispy on the outer area and meaty, tender on the inner area. I can simply finish the whole plate by myself. As you can tell how good it was.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Sea Moss and Flower Mushroom - 

A vegetable dish is a must when having CNY meal. Elderly will definitely love this dish.

Steamed Sea Garoupa in Home-Town Style -

Fish dish in cny mean 年年有"鱼". It's mean  May you have surplus and remainders year after year. A common blessing in CNY. Okay, lets back to the food. The fish was well steamed and soaked with the gravy aroma. The fish was super soft and goes well with the light and thick gravy.

Rice Cracker in Superior Golden Broth with Seafood and Coriander Stem - 

Interesting dish. A good dish to replace shark fin soup. The dish contain crab meat, pumkin, prawn and fried rice cracker to go on top of it. The rice cracker giving you a different taste of it, and the broth was silky, rich and fragrance. One bowl is definitely not enough.

Chilled Refreshimg Lemon Grass Jelly Delight - 

Trust me, this is super good! Perfect dessert to end of your meal. Every bite with the fruits and the herbs will give you different taste. The sesame biscuit come along with it was good too.

My Verdict: 
Furama Riverfront definitely is one of the best places to have your Lunar New Year meal with your family. I am going to bring my family over to enjoy it.


Promotion Period Price, Eve, 1st & 2nd day of CNY:
27 (Dinner), 28 and 29
January 2017
Lunch and dinner
$72++ (Adult) $20++(Child)

4-for-3 credit card promotion is available with major banks:
2 – 27 (Lunch) January 2017
$60++ (Adult) $20++ (Child)
$70++ (Adult) $20++ (Child)

1-for-1 credit card promotion is available with major banks:
30 January - 3 February 2017
Lunch and Dinner
$72++(Adult) $20++ (Child)

1-for-1 credit card promotion is available with major banks.

Reservations / Enquiries Email square.riverfront@furama.com or call 6739 6468.

Item Price:

Salmon Yu Sheng
Medium (4 – 6 persons)
Large (8 – 10 persons)

Roasted Duck with Danggui $58.00+

Poached Osmanthus Chicken $48.00+

Orange Chiffon Cake $60.00+

Baked Golden Tapioca Cake $60.00+

Traditional Kueh Lapis $60.00+


Salmon Yu Sheng
Poached Osmanthus Chicken or Roasted
Duck with Danggui

Salmon Yu Sheng
Poached Osmanthus Chicken
Roasted Duck with Danggui

Promotion Period Price:
Eve, 1st & 2nd day of CNY
27 (Dinner), 28 and 29 January 2017

Lunch and dinner
$55++ (Adult) $20++(Child)

4-for-3 credit card promotion is available with major banks:
2 – 27 (Lunch) January, 30
January – 3 February 2017
Lunch and dinner
$55++ (Adult) $20++(Child)

1-for-1 credit card promotion is available with major banks.

Reservations / Enquiries Email kintamani.riverfront@furama.com or call 6739 6463.

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