Chinese Zodiac New Year Buffet at Street 50


Lets celebrate your Lunar Chinese New Year with Street 50! Bay Hotel Singapore Street 50 Restaurant and Bar has come with an interesting concept! In the year of Rooster, they come up with an idea of auspicious home-styled festive delicacies symbolizing not just one, but all the 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs in their buffets from 27th - 30th 2016.

Follow me and I will review all the 12 dishes to you!

The interior layout of the restaurant.

Lets start off the Lunar Chinese New Year Buffet with the Yu Sheng. Yu sheng is not in the buffet menu, you need to order it out of the buffet menu.

Lobster Yusheng with Bird Nest -

There are 2 serving sizes: Regular $38++ (Up to 4 pax) and Large $68++ (8 to 10 Pax).

The one on my photo is Large serving size!

The best nest came in a jelly cube form. Something thats special from others!

After a good toss, you will be delight with the crowd pleasers which are comprised of the following 12 Chinese Zodiac-representative dishes, amongst many others in the hearty buffet spread!

Mee Ta Mak Laska (老(鼠)粉辣沙) - Zodiac: RAT 

It's part of the noodle station, this mee ta mak laska should be the first to dash to, just like the rat which comes first ahead of the other 11 Chinese Zodiac signs.

Spicy lovers alert! This laska is really spicy, the spiciness is slowly kick in kind so beware of it. It comes with quail egg, tau pok, and prawns.

Stir Fried Beef with Ginger and Kai Lan (姜蒜(牛)肉芥蓝仔) - Zodiac: OX 

Baby kai lan stir fried with young ginger slices and spring onion will be a heart dish for beer and veggie lovers. The beef was tender and flavorful. The sauce was light but the flavors was strong. It's goes really well with a bowl of steamed white rice.

Chili Tiger Prawns (虎虎生威老(虎)虾) - Zodiac: TIGER 

It's coated with Singapore-style chili crab paste and egg, the tiger prawns dish is embkematic of roaring with laughter.

How the taste? The gravy was fragrance, spiciness was on point. So non spicy lovers can have a chance to try it without any sweat. The prawn was very fresh and flavorful.

Teochew-style Steamed Rabbit Fish Fillet with Ham and Mushroom (扬眉吐气白(兔)年鱼 - Zodiac: RABBIT 

This steamed rabbit fish, paired with salted vegetables, tomato slices, sour plum, young ginger and red chili is another must-have dish during the Lunar Chinese New Year

Braised Longevity Noodles with Lobster Meat ((龙)虾寿面) - Zodiac: DRAGON
Chinese New Year is also a time to celebrate long life and braised longevity noodles with lobster meat and sze chuan paste will be the way to add many more years to your new year!!

The noodles texture was very thin and smooth. Its' goes well with the aromatic sourish-spicy sze chuan gravy. The lobster meat was fresh, firm and chewy.

Braised Dried Treasures Pot with Sea Cucumber and Snake Gourd ((蛇)瓜聚宝) - Zodiac: SNAKE 

With snake gourd like emerald lending appeal to the dried seafood such as the auspicious fish maw, dried oysters, mushroom, sea cucumber and fa cai in a pot, it's a Chinese New Year dish not to be missed.

I guess this dish will be the elderly favourite. Because they have lots of veggie in it and the elderly will tend to have more of it.

Yam Paste with Water Chestnuts and Ginko nuts ((马)蹄白果好芋头) - Zodiac: HORSE 

Lets this divine dessert to keep you sweetness and harmony linger on the whole year round. 

The dessert is a must-try dish cause once you tried it, you will fall for it. 

Mongolian Style Grilled Lamb Chop (洋洋得意蒙古) -Zodiac: GOAT 

This meaty grilled lamb chop seasoned with Chinese wine, garlic, worcestershire sauce, bay leaves and fennel seeds, will let you eat to your heart's content. 

The lamb chop was flavorful and well grilled. Lamb chop lovers will definitely love it. 

Monkey Mushroom with Chinese Spinach (猴头三菇菠菜香) - Zodiac: MONKEY 

A vegetarian dish with a trio monkey mushroom, bailing mushroom and Chinese mushroom, atop a bed of Chinese spinach, makes it a must have dish on the first day of Lunar New Year. 

This dish is full of veggie and mushroom. Mushroom lovers will love it. An healthy and hearty dish to go along with your Lunar New Year meal.

Rock Salt Baked Chicken Thigh - Zodiac: ROOSTER 

With dang gui and Chinese wine, this rock sea salt baked chicken thigh is not only rich in oriental touch but signifies or affinity of bringing people together. 

My favourite Lunar New Year dish among all. The chicken was soft, tender and aromatic. The chicken was well soaked with the dang gui and chinese wine fragrance. I can simply have this everyday. 

Wolfverry Drunken Herbal Chicken - Zodiac: DOG 

With dang gui, Chinese angelica root and Chinese wine, the dish is given a nutritious boost with a generous aprinkling of wolfberries and embellished with ginger and spring onion. 

The chicken was soft and tender. The Chinese wine and Chinese herbs works well together. Every ingredients all combined well in it, and I can taste each of the ingredients at every bite. 

Deep Fried Yam with Crabmeat and Pearl Mushroom - Zodiac: PIG 

With Yam and crab meat deep fried to a golden crisp and paired with plump pearl mushroom in cajun powder, it's both an auspicious and delicious dish. 

This dish will be kids favourite. It was super crispy and savory. The kids will enjoy it and might get addict to it. 

Iced Basil Seed with Rose Syrup and Condemn Milk -

A sweet and icy drink to get my Lunar New Year even sweeter. 

Street 50 Restaurant and Bar
Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828
Reservations: (65) 6818 6681


'1 for 1' Buffet including complimentary free flow of soft drinks and juices for confirmed reservations made by 4th Jan 2017. 

Chinese Zodiac New Year: DINNER Buffet (Eve Menu) 
27th Jan 2017, 
Dinner: 630pm - 930pm
Adult: $78++
Children: $40++ (6yrs to 12yrs) 

Chinese Zodiac New Year: LUNCH and DINNER Buffet (Classic Menu)
28th to 30th Jan 2017, 
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm
Dinner: 630pm - 930pm
Adult: $58++
Children: $30++ (6yrs to 12yrs) 

Hurry and made your reservations!!

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Thanks for reading!!
Jonathan Soh

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