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Hello Everyone! Today, Let me introduce you, "Hai Xian Lao"! As now is raining season in Singapore, everyone first thinking for gathering or any meal time will be steamboat! Even myself also love to have steamboat during raining season, as I will warm after that. 

Steamboat is the only meal you can gather a big group of friends and dine together for long hours! 

Lets me introduce what "Hai Xian Lao" served!

Hai Xian Lao (海鲜捞) serves up all the splendor of an intimate and premium steamboat dining experience at affordable prices. They are specialised in their soup base! They currently served six different soup bases, which includes Collagen, Sichuan Mala, Chicken, Tomato, Tom Yum, and Mushroom. They also served over 70 lip-smacking ingredients.

The restaurant interior!

The sauce station! Mix and match your own D.I.Y sauce. You can also ask the staffs to mix for you!

Kiyomi D.I.Y Sauce, thats tasted more to Thai Style chili. 

Jthejon (Me) D.I.Y sauce. It tasted like bak chor mee! Legit, even kiyomi say so. 

We choose the collagen and sichuan mala for our soup base! 

Look at those jelly jelly texture! It was collagen true form before it melted into liquid! 

After boiled for a few minutes, it has transform into our soup! The collagen soup tasted light, rich, and a bit salty. But after added on with the ingredients, the taste will eventually change! 

The sichuan mala was really fragrance and spicy! Spicy lover alert!! The sichuan mala soup base will never disappoint you! So don't regret if you never order it.

Time to feast!!

What we had!! 

Seafood: Prawns, Green Mussels, Clams.

Meat: Meatball, Luncheon meat, Chicken, Pork belly, Sliced Pork, Lamb, Sliced beef, Omasum (Beef). 

Omasum is the third compartment of the stomach in ruminants. 

Vegetables: Sweet Corn, cabbage, brocoli, egg tofu, enoki mushroom, Shiitake, white button mushroom.

Others: Fried chicken wings, fried pork cutlet, pork liver, crab meat, pork dumpling, handmade fish cake, korean vermicelli. 

They have many more ingredients so check it out when you are there! 

Their chicken wings is one of the must try dish too! It was really good.

My Verdict:
We both enjoyed our meal at Hai Xian Lao. They really served good soup base and also served lots of variety of ingredients to choose. Be spoiled for choice! I will definitely recommend it to everyone and to my family/friends. 

Buffet Price: 

Adult: $34.80++
Child:  $15.80++ (Below age of 13)
Senior: $23.80++ (Above age of 60)

Hai Xian Lao

Hai Xian Lao 海鲜捞
8 Wilkie Rd, 228095 
(It's at Wilkie edge right next to starbucks, opposite peace centre)

Contact: 65096194

Opening Hours: Daily: 1130am - 5am

Website: Hai Xian Lao

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Thanks for reading!!
Jonathan Soh

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