Bountiful Lunar New Year Feast @WanHao Chinese Restaurant


Join Singapore Marriott in ushering the year of the Fire Rooster and embrace the significance of Chinese culture’s most paramount tradition with 15 days of Lunar New Year celebrations at Singapore

Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel (新加坡万豪董厦酒店). A time for resplendent feastings with family, friends and business partners, this Lunar New Year promises an exciting treasure trove of Lunar New Year buffets,
reunion specials, lavish takeaway goodies and symbolic treats created with a twist.

Lets start the Lunar New Year Dinner with the fire rooster yu sheng. Lets HUAT AR!! 

After the messy lou hei, time to dig in and enjoy the yu sheng. 

Wan Hao Nourishing Pen Cai with pig trotter and Crispy Oyster - 

This Pen Cai also known as treasure pot. This auspicious dish is filled to the brim with with layers of luscious and exquisite ingredients and delicacies such as seafood and meat.

The big hit for me is their meat ball and their fried oyster. The meat ball is really bouncy, meaty and juicy. The fried oyster was fresh and savory. 

Lets bond with the family over a pot of pen cai this Chinese New Year. 

Braised Bird's Nest Broth with Crab Meat, concoy and wolfberries - 

Bird's nest will never go wrong with any dishes. The broth was creamy, aromatic and full of bird's nest and crab meat. I gurantee you that every spoonful of broth, you will get bird's nest and crab meat in it. 

Stewed Spare Ribs with Hawthorn and Preserved Plum ~ 

My favourite among all CNY dishes. This stewed spare ribs is the one of the best so far that I had. The spare ribs was surprising soft and tender. The melty texture meat was aromatic with the sense of the herbs. You will never regret trying it. 

Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice, Crispy Rice, Chinese Sausage and Preserved meat served in Lotus Leaf - 

Another traditional dish that you must eat during Chinese New Year. This wok-fried glutinous rice defintiely will make you come back for more. The glutinous was wel wok-fried, the flavors is there and all the ingredients was perfectly combined. The crispy rice added on top of it give this glutinous an extra punch!! 

Double Boiled Almond Cream with Bird's Nest -

It's not your average almond cream dessert that you can find it at anywhere. This almond cream is aromatic, creamy, and it wasn't so sweet. The bird's nest added in it make this bowl of almond cream even more addictive. 

Chilled Osmanthus Jelly, Water Chestnut and Wolfberries - 

Healthy and refreshing dessert to cool down your body after a heavy meal.

Baked Nian Gao and Yam Tart -

Interesting concept by serving nian gao and yam tart together as one. The nian gao and yam tart works well together, neither of the taste was well overwhelmed. The yam tart crust was very crispy and flaorful. The chewy nian gao gives the creamy texture yam a whole new level in it. 

Chinese New Year Eve Buffet Dinner
27 January 2017
Buffet Dinner
Adult: $118++*
Child: $60++**

Chinese New Year Day 
28 and 29 January 2017 
Buffet Lunch
Adult: $68++***
Child: $38++**

Buffet Dinner
Adult: $98++***
Child: $48++**

* Inclusive of free flow of sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks

** Inclusive of free flow soft drinks

*** Inclusive of a choice of a glass of sparkling wine, beer or soft drink

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