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Hello Everyone! Today, I am going to introduce you a good place to dine during weekend. Had a chance to dine at Ginza lion robertson quay outlet. It's a really wonderful place to diner during weekend afternoon, I can simply spend my whole afternoon here. This place is really cozy and chillax.

Lets me share the history of Ginza Lion.

The very first BEER HALL opened at Ginza, Tokyo in 1899 as “Yebisu Beer Hall”. This Beer Hall was originally established
as the sales division of Sapporo Beer. The Beer Hall was well received and packed by public from the first day of its
opening. This is the first step of the brilliant history of GINZA LION.

Over one hundred years since the first beer hall opened, we have been dedicated to contribute the dining culture in Japan.

Sapporo The Oldest Brand Beer in Japan:

Beer is sensitive to the temperature and vibration caused by the delivery process.

Our beer is kept in a chiller at 2℃ minimum 24 hours so that the beer is settled
down when it’s poured. In addition to that, we pour the beer in one action and
the creamy beer foam on top is made in the pouring process.

Usually in restaurants, the beer is kept under room temperature and poured by a
rapid cooling system, which cool the beer through thin spiral pipe in cooling water.
The beer is cooled down suddenly and it will affect the original taste of the beer.
And the foam will be added on top the beer by foaming function. In this process,
beer contains more gas than naturally beer has and it causes the sharp taste.

“Pouring beer in one action” is our way of enhancing the taste of beer and the
craftsmanship has been passed down over the years.

First, tilt a glass slightly (11 to 12°), pour the beer at the side of the inner glass and
the beer swirls while natural foam is filled in the glass. After pouring beer, the swirl
slows down and the fine foam will be made on the top. The gas will be just nice by
this process to have clear and mild after taste. And the sharp bitterness of the beer
will be caught in the foam and the form seals the aromatic flavor of the beer. The
ratio of the beer and foam on top of beer is 7:3. This beautiful ratio is from our
experience to enjoy the beer till the last drop.

A short introduction of the Ginza Lion Executive Chef.

Name : Jun Matsubara
Nationality : Japanese
Specialty : Italian cooking
19 years of rich experience working in food & beverage industry. (From 1997 till present)

About him : 
  • He graduated from one of Japan's most prestigious cooking school – L’Ecole Culinaire Tsuji in Osaka, Japan
  • He once won as a Pizza chef convention winner in a Japanese TV program titled “TV champion”. 
  • He have a small yacht license and enjoy football, snowboarding and wake boarding during his vacation.

It's just mineral water but I like their glass. Haha.

Matcha Latte -

The best matcha latte that I ever had! The matcha flavor was strong and you can actually taste more of the matcha flavor than the milk. It was creamy and the sweetness was just right.

Sapporo Beer -

The best Japan Brand Beer. Suitable for light drinker too.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings -

My second favourite dish among all. The chicken wings was well fried and coated with their special sauce. It was crispy and savourt on the outer area while on the inner area it was tender and juicy meat. Best dish to go with sapporo beer.

Fried Chicken - 

Crispy tender juicy deep fried chicken with their secret recipe. Guess what, this is my favourite dish at Ginza Lion. The fried chicken was well fried and seasoned. It was juicy, tender, crispy and addictive! I can just simply ate 2 basket by myself. 

Beef Stew Pomodoro Sauce -

 This dish is only available at Robertson outlet. Beef stew with carrot, onion, celery, pomodoro and demi glace. The beef was extreme soft and tender. It was very flavourful too. Actually I can have this with a bowl of Japanese steamed white rice. 

Soft Shell Crab & Crab meat spaghetti -

Tomato & chili sauce spaghetti with deep fried soft shell crab & crabmeat. Angie favourite dish. The pasta texture was al-dente, and the sauce was tangy sweet, and spicy at the same time. The spicy level was mild so non-spicy eater can had it too. The soft shell crab was fresh and savoury to go along with the pasta.

Angus Roast Beef -

High quality angus beef grilled by far-infrared grill. Delicate and juicy roast beef meat. Served with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi. The texture and taste was similar to our local roasted delight dish "roastes pork belly". I suggest you to pair this dish with sapporo beer. 

Tiramisu Galore - 

Tiramisu with vanilla ice cream with banana. The tiramisu was very moist, creamy, soft and fragrance!! I would definitely recommend this dessert to everyone. 

My Verdict: 
We both enjoyed our dining experience at Ginza Lion. We will definitely be back for more. They really put in lots of effort in it and their food was really good and got the quality. Maybe I will be back again for some drinks after work somedays with my colleagues or friends.

Ginza Lion 
8 Rodyk Street, #01-01/02 (behind 4point shenton hotel) Singapore 238216 

Opening Hours: 

Sunday - Friday: 12pm - 11pm
Saturday: 12pm - 12am


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Thanks for reading!
Jonathan Soh

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