Beauty Review: Beauty Keeper 美麗掌櫃


I was invited to sample store event Giftopia. Thanks sample store for the chance of this beauty experience. Previously I had blogged about karmart, there's one of the beauty store booth at Giftopia.

Thanks Beauty Keeper for this box of product. As a simple gesture of reciprocation, here’s a quick post for them. Beauty Keeper is based in Taiwan, they bring in all sort of  beauty product range from make-up, mask and many more.. I will list out a few for you.

HANAKA Macaron Facial Mask -

Creating delicious looking skin, just like macarons. 

Phyto Collastin -

Patented formula that rebuilds skin structure.

Essence Mask -

say hello to bright and even looking skin.

Plant Extract Shampoo -

Experience the magic of garlic enzyme“hair”.

All Belle Eyelashes -

everything you want with Eyelashes.

For more info of their product, please visit their website.


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