Food Review: SpringLeaf Prata Place


Last weekend, I went to try this famous prara place in Singapore with my friends. They are famous for a prata call "Plaster Blaster" they are trying to make EGG B to prata type. Follow me and I will review my experience over here. 

Egg Prata - $1.90 

The egg prata was crispy, eggy and good. Can compare with my favourite prata place at serangoon garden. 

Kosong Prata - $1.10
The kosong prata was good too. It was crisp, but it was a slightly too think for my liking. 

Mutton Curry - $5.50

The curry was creamy, spicy, thick and well goes with the prata. The mutton was soft, tender and well soaked with the curry fragrance. 

Plaster Blaster - $5

The famous dish over here. But it was very disappointing! The prata come with a poached egg, 2 piece of turkey ham, prata and topped up with hollandise sauce. The overall taste was weird and awful! Not recommend to try! 

Teh Tarik - $1.20

Normal Teh Tarik. 

Food: 1/5
Ambiance: 0.5/5
Service: NA 

My Verdict: 
The prata was good but not for their speciality prata. I recommend everyone to try their normal prata and not expect too much. 

They have a few outlet, do check out their website for more info. 


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