Apps Review: Beam Space


Hello everyone! Today, I am going to introduce this awesome apps! It's call "Beam Space".
What is Beam Space?
Beam Space is your personal storage concierge. It connects your closet to your phone.
Beam's personalised service and mobile apps lets you view, manage and retrieve your items from storage,
on a per item basis, hassle-free. They also offer pickup and delivery to your door step at
your convenience. Beam helps you to manage your belongings so you can enjoy a clutter free life.

Thanks to Beam, now I can store my un-used bikes and other accessories.

How to start?

Download the Beam Space app, schedule a pickup and go back to your Facebook.

A Beamer, Beam Space's trained storage concierge, will catalogue and pick up your items and bring them to our secure facility.

Schedule a delivery anytime. Your friendly Beamer is back! (yes, with your items)

Pricing Saves You Money
No minimums. No contracts. No fuss.

Small Items

S$0.90 per month
Any item that you carry on to a plane, such as:
Winter clothing, shoes, handbags
Books and stationary
Small appliances & cookware

Large Items

S$5.00 per month
Any item that you would have to check-in on a plane, such as:
Golf bags, snowboards, skis
Large suitcase
Small furniture
Child seats, strollers

Small Private Boxes

S$4.00 per month
A box less than 115cm L+W+H that you don't want opened or itemized. "
Standard Document Box
Packed carry-on luggage
Secret Hello Kitty Collection

Large Private Boxes

S$8.00 per month
A box over 115cm L+W+H that you don't want opened or itemized.
Once-a-Year Winter Clothes
Packed checked luggage
Secret Hello Kitty Obsession

Pick-Up & Delivery to Your Doorstep

Pick up is always free, delivery at a flat rate of S$15 per trip
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most common pricing questions we hear, or Contact Us at any time by e-mail or chat.

A good news for my reader!! Quote "JTHEJON" to get 50% off for first month storage.

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                                 Thanks for reading!!


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