Travel Review: 3 Days 2 Nights in Kuala Lumpur


I went to KL with one of my blogger friend HP. We stay over there for 3 days 2 night. First night we stayed at one of his friend house Jasper. Thanks Jasper for bringing us around. Day 2 we spend at Plaza Premium Lounge, a sponsor staycation.   

First meal when we reached KL. I found this restaurant online so decided to give it a try. This Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of dishes includes sashimi, rice pot, set dishes and also some izakaya fares caters for after office hour crowd.

Hijiki - Complimentary dish.

Salmon Sashimi -

Fresh and good.

Curry Chicken Rice 

This set came with a plate of chicken cutlet, rice along with Japanese curry. Side, Fruits, salad, ginger and onion. The japanese curry was slightly less fragrance and lacking of taste. I wouldn't anyone to try it.

Unagi -

My all time favourite in Japanese dining restaurant. This unagi was as good as my favorite restaurant  unagi in SG. Well marinated and grilled.


For dinner, Jasper bring us to this place where lots of street food around. We settle our dinner at this place call restoran wong ah wah. This place is like our SG chomp chomp. 

BBQ Wings -

This bbq wings was well marinated and bbq. Super addictive and chicken wings was my favorite chicken part.

Chicken Satay -

This satay was disappointed. It wasn't well bbq and the meat was quite dry and tough. I will recommend anyone to try it.

BBQ Stingray -

This version is different from our local version. This wasn't bbq with sambal chili. It was just a normal bbq stingray without any sauce or marination.

KL Signature Hokkien Mee -

This was what everyone say, it's a must try dish in KL. You can easily find hokkien mee in KL. Almost everywhere sell it. But this was really good, it tasted similar to our local tze char stall Hokkien mee. Worth the try.

Wong Ah Wah 
9, Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Daily: 5pm - 4am

Next we headed to a street where full of bar,  a street similar to our holland Villiage. 

Went to this bar where is quite crowed on the first floor. We went up to level 2 cause is empty and we wanted to chit-chat.

Irish Pub 
38, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
Day 2: 

Day 2 morning before we went to our sponsor staycation, we have a breakfast nearby a mall. This stall is similar to toastbox. They sell almost the same thing but more choices.

Coffee -

Strong coffee body and aromatic.

Ice Coffee -

Fried Bee Hoon with Egg -

Curry Mee -

This curry mee was very disappointing. I can't even finish it or clear half of it. The curry was very watery and lack of curry flavor.

Da li Kafe

76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Next we travel down to our sponsor staycation.

The sponsor staycation. We was lucky enough to have 24 hours unlimited food and drink that include beer too. My plan was just chill in the room and clear some work.

We stayed in different room. Here is the view of my room.

One single bed, toilet essence,  2 bottle of water, 2  power point and a table.

Plaza Premium Lounge 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Flight Club
A brand new dining concept unique to the airport environment, Flight Club is dedicated to bring you an unparalleled airport dining experience, with the promise of healthy eating, prepared right here at Flight Club. Inspired by herbs and seeds, we invite you on a culinary adventure to uncover our bountiful and fresh international delights, chef's recommendations and our array of signature cold-pressed juices. Here's to travelling and eating well!  

Salad Station -

Buffet station -

Bar station -

Cesar Salad -

Chicken chop, lettuce, tomato, orange, grapefruit, bacon, cheese, herbs and spies. Interesting twist in it. I like the chicken as it was well marinated and flavorful. It actually tasted tangy spicy. The fruits in it make the salad more healthy and yummy.

Cold-pressed juice -

Tomato Soup -

The soup is in cold version, interesting. I only manage to try once mouth cause I don't eat tomato. But it tasted refreshing and tomato aroma was strong. 

Taco -

Served in chicken meat, lettuce, cucumber, herbs and wrapped in taco. Full of ingredients in it and with every bite you get a mouthful of ingredients. Worth all the calories. 

Beef Cheeks -

Super tender and flavorful beef cheek. It was marinated in red wine for many hours. Mash potatoes came as a side and it goes with a red wine sauce over it. Everything was perfect here.

Nasi Lemak -

Traditional dish in Malaysia. It came with 2 mini drumlets, half hard boiled egg, cucumber, archa, peanut, ikan bilis, sambal chili, and pandan steamed rice. The rice was full of pandan flavor and also the chili was a bomb. 

Aglio Olio -

This aglio olio is in wet version. It's more watery than usual but it tasted good. It wasn't that spicy so if spicy lover like me will definitely ask for more spicy next time. It came with cod fish.

Fish and Chips -

It served with fries, 2 pieces of fried cod fish, with tomato and tartar sauce. The fish batter was added some ingredient that tasted like goreng pisang. It actually doesn't work well, I don't really like the batter and it tasted weird. 

Beet Root Ice cream Cheese Cake -

Something unique and interesting. The beet root ice cream really tasted so good. But non veggie eater might not like it as the beet root aroma was very strong. Trust me, it was really good, and it goes really well with the cheese cake. 

Mezzanine Floor (Level 2), Satellite Terminal, KL International Airport 
(Alight from the Aerotrain and head in the direction of C11-C17 (North Wing), take the first bubble lift to Level 2 then turn right. Flight Club is located across Plaza Premium Lounge)
Opening Hours
24 hours daily
Contact Information
+603 8776 1538 

In the public concourse area of the Main Terminal Building, the Green Market is tailored to satisfy travellers with healthy cuisine offerring.
Japanese and Korean cuisines prepared with a focus on freshness. Vegetables served are grown by local farmers from Cameron Highlands, to ensure customers are getting freshest, high quality and sustainable vegetables.
Guest can enjoy our top-notch Japanese and Korean cuisine as well as our signature rotisserie chicken. A list of fresh juices are served daily, bringing the popular slow-juicing concept to the airport for the first time. It is juiced at a very low speed to minimise oxidation and higher quality and nutrient juice is produced.

Green Tea -

Maki Roll -

Gyoza -

Chicken meat was wrapped in it. Well fried gyoza to golden brown and crispy on the outside, juicy and meaty on the inside. It well goes with a soya sauce. 

Sushi bento -

It served with salmon sashimi, salmon sushi, avocado sushi, unagi sushi, scallop sushi, and 2 fried potato. All the sushi was fresh and good. 

Volcano Steak -

The steak was wrapped in the aluminium foil. It was framing when arriving on my table. What inside? Potato wedge, steak on the hot stone. The steak texture will be uneven, some pieces will be over-cook and some will be medium rare. I find the potato wedge taste better than the steak. I think the seasoning on the steak should't be shallot and garlic instead should be sea salt or normal pepper and salt cause the seasoning spoil the steak. 

The Green Market 
Depature Hall, Main Terminal Building, KLIA2

Opening Hours: Daily: 24 hours

Thats sum up my 3 days 2 nights stay in KL. Day 3 simply woke up and flight back home. Thanks Plaza Premium Lounge for the sponsor staying, flight club and the green market for the sponsor meal. Guess I have gain some weight during this trip cause I keep eating non-stop. 

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Thanks for reading!!

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