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My Happy Place, A planner for organizing your days and finding happiness. A hand illustrated planner that hopes to help you find your happy place. Fun, pretty and versatile with many paintings, quotes that inspire and encourage, and a serious intention of helping you find happiness as you plan.

Why a paper planner in the age of smartphone calendar apps? Inundated with notifications, beeps, alerts, and messages, having to open another tab after another to access one’s calendar adds up to one more on-screen thing vying for our attention. With so much of our life centered around electronic gadgets, some>mes we need to walk away to clear our heads. Suddenly a paper planner starts to make sense. 

Singapore- November 2016

Original Ordinary, the people behind My Happy Place, feels that beauty in life should be continuously celebrated. Many of us feel that we have to get away from our everyday life to see beautiful scenery; but truth is, there is beauty everywhere and if you seek it, you will find what makes ordinary things in your everyday life original and beautiful.

This diary is a colorful and less structured take on yearly planners, where users will not only have a space to organize their time, but also be inspired by hand painted water color paintings, digital illustrations that can be colored in, quotes and pretty colors printed on good quality wood-free paper. The lines are printed very faint to both appeal to people that like guiding lines to write neatly on, and yet be non-limiting for people that prefer an unstructured, free format. Also, dates are not printed so that the diary is perennial and can be used any year.

This diary started to take form in a bid to spread positive and effective organization to the masses. This diary aims to inspire people; in terms of the messages it portrays and at the same time create a more interesting platform for planning your schedule to encourage and motivate people to better organize their days.

The planner came with a pretty design bookmark. 

Almost every page came with a short story/poem/quotes and also pretty drawing. It's to motivate people everyday. 

This is how the planner look, isn't it pretty? Want find out more, go to their website and check it out and order from them too.

Scheduled to be released by early November so that people can purchase a new planner for 2017
and just in time to give as Christmas presents. All production done in Singapore.

Regular retail price is at $29.90

Visit: to purchase
Contact: 96716103

Thank you Original Ordinary for sending me the pretty planner. I am going to starting using it everyday next year.

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Thanks for reading!!

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