Newby Teas: Award Winning Tea in Singapore


Newby teas are as fresh as the day they left the garden, due to our commitment to sourcing and packaging.
Our tea buyers taste tens of thousands of teas a year, selecting only the very best first and second flush productions to be used in our blends.

Newby Teas has won over 80 international awards including the British ‘Great Taste Awards’ and North American Tea Championship.

Black tea, green tea, oolong, pu-erh, white tea, flowering teas and tisanes in loose-leaf tea, tea bags, silken pyramids, luxury tea gifts and accessories.

Lets me introduce you their award winning Milk oolong tea. 

The finest Tieguanyin oolong tea, or the 'iron goddess of mercy' as it is known in China, combined with sweet and creamy milk. Layered, fabulously floral.

pale yellow-green
Aroma: cream, caramel
Taste: milk, floral, balanced
Finish: smooth, sweet

Use freshly boiled water and brew for 3-5 minutes.

The world’s most awarded luxury tea brand – is proud to present its exquisite Zodiac Collection with constellations of Swarovski® Crystals, which pairs perfectly with snacks as you admire the beautiful night sky with your loved ones.
Just as every star sign has its own traits, every tea blend in Newby’s Zodiac Collection has its notable characteristics.
Like my horoscope cancer. 
It represent Fujian Oolong.
The finest oolong tea from China’s Fujian province.


Fujian Oolong’s cup is light-yellow / amber, and has a fascinating orchid aroma.The taste is balanced, if complex; fruity, spicy, and with a sweet finish.

Place one teaspoon (2g) into boiled water. Brew for 3-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

Thank you Brand Cellar for the invite and Newby Teas team for the great hospitality. 

I learn a lot thru this event and the knowledge of brewing teas and the type of teas. 


Purchase your teas at their webpage:

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