Inspired Chiropractic Spine Specialist Review


After much research, I decided to give Inspired Chiropractic Spine Specialist a try. Heard a lot of good review at this clinic. 

Booked my appointment 2 months ago. The weekend slot is quite tough to secure it. 

Why I didn't see it in Singapore, cause JB is much cheaper then seeing in SG. I can save up more than 50% of the cost. 

Inspired Chiropractic Spine Specialist is the First Female Chiropractic Clinic in Johor Bahru. They practice is clearly patient centered. They always begin with a thorough evaluation and a discussion of the true cause of your problem, followed by the presentation of a customised treatment plan. They always want to make sure that you feel heard when you come in to see them. This is why lots of quality time is spent with the chiropractor. They want to know your story and want you to have trust that they understand your concerns.

My problem: 

My neck feel very uncomfortable for quite sometime and my hip as I have an old injury. 

After X-ray, it was very obvious that my neck isn't straight and my hip is slight rotated. 

Dr.Christine helped me to adjust it, after the first treatment, I can felt my neck instant relived. But I still need to go back for follow up weekly! 

This is Dr.Christine. 

First visit will be slightly costly:

2 X-ray - RM 240
Treatment: RM 100
Consultation: RM 120

Next visit onward will be just paying the treatment fee. 

Overall it's still much cheaper than in SG.

Check out for more information in their facebook page.

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Till then..

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