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Retail takes on a new face at CityLink Mall as City of Tomorrow redesigns and re-imagines an entirely fresh direction in retail, shopping and lifestyle experience for everyone passing through the high-traffic underground mall.

City of Tomorrow is no cookie cutter retail space; it is rather, a new land in the heart of Singapore’s city. Looking for something more than just a transactional experience? Look no further! Vibrant, dynamic with just a hint of avant-garde, City of Tomorrow is designed for urbanites seeking inspiration and fresh excitement in the business district with the vivid landscape of different thematic zones.

Entering City of Tomorrow is more than just a breath of fresh air. Even in repeated explorations across this regal space, each journey sparks new ideas through every corner and turn via a myriad of events, ever-morphing aesthetic elements and a thoughtfully curated retail environment. For jaded workers, this space is an escape and an oasis of pampering to refresh the mind and spirit!

There's Seven Thematic Zones in City of Tomorrow! You will always be spoilt for choice at City of Tomorrow. Featuring over 50 local and international brands and on-the-go light bites selected for their affinity, you will even be in awe of activities and events that will keep consumers engaged at every area. With careful selection of colours, brands and interactive spaces, be prepared to experience a complete end-to-end journey through every zone with the concept and creative direction of this space setting it apart from any other retail space you have ever been to!

The Seven Zone:
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Locker Room
  • The Studio
  • The Queen’s Room
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Sports Hall
  • Play Palace

Story of City of Tomorrow

City of Tomorrow is the brainchild of co-founders Edwin Ng and Chiang Xiaojun. They noticed a gap in the retail scene where shoppers are gradually losing enthusiasm and brand loyalty due to increased competition among brands and a shift to the online world. At the same time however, consumers are beginning to prefer higher engagement in the form of brand activities, product engagement and out-of-the-norm experiences.

With this, Edwin and Xiaojun brought their respective expertise in events and retail together to create City of Tomorrow – a stunning space within CityLink Mall where consumers can discover a thematic concept and story representing different experiential zones and can also engage in engaging events within the stunning backdrop of the space, something that is unique to City of Tomorrow.

By entering the different zones, where brands have been carefully curated by the founders themselves, consumers will experience the unfolding of different themes through vivid colours, in-store design and displays. Apart from that, City of Tomorrow offers exploration through new brands and rediscovery of current local and international brands.

About Chiang Xiaojun,Co-founder of City of Tomorrow

From doodling designs of dresses whilst she was a young girl to turning her ideas into reality and starting her own fashion label in 2012, Pleatation, Xiaojun, has always been passionate about the fashion industry and aligns her goals and dreams to the belief that fashion should transcendtime.
A fashion design graduate, Xiaojun’s first footsteps on the path of the fashion industry started when she was given an opportunity to run a pleating production company. There, she was exposed to pleating production for designers and manufacturers.

Following that, she was inspired to start and design her own fashion label – Pleatation, because she believed that pleats is an art of its own as a fashion element.
Being a fashion designer has opened her eyes to the fashion sensibilities of Singaporeans and she noticed that Singaporeans are increasingly bolder in their approach to fashion.

About Edwin Ng, Co-founder of City of Tomorrow

Edwin has been organising engaging and interactive events over the last decade, thanks to his experience in government agencies such as Southeast CDC and People’s Association and leading event agency Pico Art International.

Edwin’s interest for events came about while he was still in school pursuing engineering. Upon graduating, he decided to pursue a career in his passion – events.

As a creative individual who loves to think out of the box, Edwin enjoys making the impossible possible in organizing and staging moments. In the long run, Edwin hopes to bring in international entertainment for visitors to City of Tomorrow.

The current brands in City of Tomorrow such as The Talad Drink, Underground Wines, Ted Baker, [in]trigued, Scent by SIX, walk&rest, Maison Zhou, OSIM, Yacht 21, Timex, Mummyfique and many more. 

So what are your waiting! Start your shopping now at City of Tomorrow!

Visit City of Tomorrow: 
One Raffles Link CityLink Mall #B1-47/47A/47B/47C Singapore 039393
Opening hours: 10:00am – 9:30pm

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