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Esthemedica Smart Skincare Solutions Combine Science and Nature for Bright and Youthful Skin  

 Doublo - Gold, the latest HIFU procedure from Korea lifts skin and contours the body twice as quickly as other non - invasive treatments.

 - BeautéScience EstheWhite and EstheShield o ral supplements keep UV damage at bay, lightens skin and protects with potent natural extracts.

Quicker Lifting and Contouring with Doublo-Gold Common complaints like wrinkles, droopiness, skin laxity and folds often call for a face lift in the doctor’s office. As non-invasive face lifts rapidly outnumber surgical procedures, patients look to quicker, more effective and more comfortable solutions to meet anti-ageing needs. 

Enter the solution: Doublo-Gold, the latest high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) procedure from Korea which delivers energy precisely, even to the deepest levels of the dermal structure for face lifting and body contouring in less time.  

The non-invasive treatment can be customised for a wide variety of uses including: ü Skin tightening and rejuvenation ü Face lifting ü Eyebrow lifting ü Jowl lifting ü Nasolabial fold reduction ü Double chin reduction 

Doublo-Gold can also be used to tone and contour most parts of the body including: ü Upper arms ü Upper chest ü Love handles ü Abdomen ü Hips ü Thighs ü Legs 

Doublo-Gold also works the fastest among current HIFU procedures at 300 shots every 8 minutes. This means, a typical treatment can be completed twice as fast compared to other HIFU treatments so patients can be up and going in no time. 

Also, unlike other HIFU treatments which come with sharp painful sensations due to small focal zones, Doublo-Gold’s diffused larger focal zones makes the procedure less painful and delivers better natural-looking results. 

Protect and Lighten from the Inside Out Radiant, even-toned skin and all-day sun protection can be achieved, thanks to oral supplements EstheWhite and EstheShield by BeautéScience. When taken together, EstheWhite and EstheShield provide a most comprehensive whitening solution and is the perfect complement to topical skincare. 

Sold in a twin pack, EstheWhite and EstheShield are all natural and high potency formulations designed to provide the highest efficacy skin whitening and sun-damage protection. They are consumed orally together for a comprehensive and systemic solution to skin whitening and sun protection.

Sun Protection with EstheShield EstheShield boasts a natural fern extract (Polypodium Leucotomos), an extensively researched chemophoto-protective agent that protects against UV radiation when taken orally. The extract also provides antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties to prevent free radical damage, which leads to longterm DNA damage and skin ageing. 

Benefits at a glance: 

ü Natural herbal sunscreen that works deep within skin where topicallyapplied products cannot reach ü Prevents oxidative damage and premature ageing ü Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ü Inhibition of free radicals from UV radiation 

Price and Availability Doublo-Gold treatments are available in authorised clinics. For more information, please go to  

BeautéScience EstheWhite and EstheShield twin packs are available at authorised clinics and hospitals at $199 (before GST). Each bottle contains 30 capsules. For more information, please go to  

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