Travelogue: Hong Kong Guide (Ep3)


I am back again to finish up the last part of the adventure at Hong Kong. 

Day 5 and Day 6: 
Explore Hong Kong: 
Mong Kok

Started off with my day 5 at one dim sum restaurant.

Went to meet up my friend Zelene. Just nice she was having holiday break from her school.  Catch up with her and let her bring me around! 

One Dim Sum
Hong Kong, Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號號 號 地舖 1-2 號 Kenwood Mansion
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am-1230am 
Nearest Station: Prince Edward 

One Dim Sum is very famous in Hong Kong, almost everyone know about it even tourist. 

We ordered Siew Mai, Char siew pau, Prawn Dumpling, Red Bean Pau, Ma Lai Gao (Sponge cake), Osmanthus cake, and Chee Chong Fun with Prawn. 

Our top 3 favourites dish was Chee Chong Fun with Prawn, Ma Lai Gao (Sponge cake), and Prawn Dumpling. 

I will recommend everyone to give it a try and the price is very reasonable. 

Rate: 4/5

After brunch we went to shop and walk around. 

Lunch round 2 at Kei Kee Dessert. 

Kei Kee Dessert
7, Yau San, 56 Chi Fu Ctr, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Daily: 1230pm-230am

Kai kee is famous for their BZai liang fen, is something like Glass jelly with lots of ingredients. 

Durian Mochi - 

The durian flavors was strong and aromatic. The amount of durian meat was very generous and the skin was super soft and smooth. 

BZai Liang Fen -

Glass jelly with lots of fruits. It can feed 3-4 pax depend on individual. Would recommend everyone to give it a try.

Mango sago - 

Fresh and Good. 

Braised Chicken Tail: -

My top favourite dishes among all! Once you try it, you will get addicted to it. 

Curry Meatball and Pig Skin -

It was indeed good, I can order another set of meatball by myself. 

Chee Chong Fun - 

It came with sweet sauce, chili, and peanut sauce. Try dip it with the peanut sauce, it was good.

Road of Yuen Lang. 

Tried this famous Egglet but I was super disappointed. It was tasteless and nothing special. I tried a few bites and throw it away. 

Settled our dinner at some street side food stall around Yuen Lang. 

First time trying dai pai dong in Hong Kong. Visiting a dai pai dong is a quintessential Hong Kong food experience, like going for yum cha or to a cha chaan teng.

What had we ordered? 

1 Bottle of HK Beer, fried fish, stir fried goose liver and intestine with special sauce, and stir fried clams in spicy sauce. 

The fried fish was just normal, but the stir fried goose liver and intestine was good. The texture of the goose intestine was very chewy and it was flavorful.  You can give it a try if you in Hong Kong. 

Day 6 and its' my last day in Hong Kong. Before check out, I went to have a dessert at 小妹甜品Mum' Dessert Shop around my hotel. 

小妹甜品Mum' Dessert Shop
Hong Kong, Tai Kok Tsui, Ivy St, 65號地下
Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm-12am

This dessert shop is highly recommended by a lot of Hong Kong Media.  

I tried out their Xin Ren Hu and steamed Milk Pudding. 

Both was equally good. I should tried it earlier. 

Lunch at Yung Kee restaurant. Yung Kee is one of the top 5 restaurant for roasted goose. One of the must food when you are in Hong Kong. 

Yung Kee
32-40 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours; Daily: 11am-12am
Nearest Station: Central 

Order a bowl of congee and 1 quarter of Roasted Goose. The roasted goose in Hong Kong is quite expensive but it was worth a try.

The congee was very smooth and it goes well with the roasted goose. 

The roasted goose was good, the texture was more tender than duck but the skin was more savory and crispy than duck. I would recommend you to give it a try. 

I will be back for more of it.

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Ciao Hong Kong, see you soon! Can't wait for more adventure and travel around the world. 

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Till then..

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