Food Review: Ikkousha Hakata Ramen


Ikkousha serve "Real" Tonkotsu ramen. A special topping, pork chashu is soaked in secret-repipe sauce.The chef perfectly understands how to use roast pork, chashu, as well as other topping,ni-tamago,soy sauce flavored boiled egg, to add spice to ramen.

Started in Hakata which is the ramen capital of Japan, is best known for it's tonkotsu-based ramen, made from pork bones and simmered for many hours.
IKKOUSHA makes the most wholesome tonkotsu ramen, a favorite for traditional ramen lovers and those who avoid overly rich food. You'll enjoy its refreshing taste. Try it and revel in Ikkousha's greatness"

Free flow of egg for you.

 Spicy Tonkatsu -

You can choose your level of spiciness up to Level 4. I choose level 3 for my ramen. Spicy lover like me for level 3 is still normal for me, if non-spicy lover you may go for level 1 instead. The ramen came with 2 piece of char-siew, fungus, seaweed, springy and chewy texture noodle. 

 Tonkotsu Black -

Tonkotsu broth with special fried garlic paste. It was garlicky but wasn't too overpowering! The ramen came with 2 pieces of char-siew, fungus and springy and chewy texture noodle. 

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