Jthejon April Lookbook x How are you?


Hello everyone, April is going to an end! What did you guys achieve so far? For me, I learn a lot of things in this full time job and experience a lot of things to during this 4 months. Lots of up and down, and lost a few friends and at the same time gain some strong friendship too. 

I might be at my lowest point of my life right now, but I won't get it affect me for long, I will rise up again and be stronger! Thanks to those who constantly texting me and concern about me. You know who you are. Thank you J, my friend and also my colleague for making my job more fun and entertaining. Sorry to leave you behind for now, don't worry I will pull in once is confirmed. Goodluck and all the best for this few weeks. 

Thanks friends who trying to pull me out of it. I will try my best. 

Going to take a short break and enjoy my alone time in Hong Kong. I will recharge and bounce back once again!

All photo was taken by Vivian tng aka xchubbykitty. 

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Thanks for reading!!
Jonathan Soh

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