Food Review: Itacho Sushi


Met up with one of my old friend for a simple dinner at Itacho sushi.

Recently they had changed their ordering system! Now, you needed to download their apps call itacho sushi. You will need to sign up their membership, next you will order your food from the apps.

Salmon Sashimi -

Fresh an good.

Pork Curry Rice -

Creamy, flavourful and not so spicy curry. Pork slices was pretty normal, so best is to mix it with the curry. 

Roasted Egg -

You can choose your egg to be cold or warm. I had it in cold version. Their roasted egg by far is the best.

Soba -

Normal soba. I still on the hunt for good soba.

Limited edition sushi -

Salmon skin sushi and roasted cod with mentaiko sushi. Each table is limited to 2 sushi.

My Verdict:
If you are craving for Japanese cuisine, Itacho sushi is one of the option you can have it.

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Thanks for reading!!
Jonathan Soh

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