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The art of living well starts with having differentiated luxury experiences.

With SKY PREMIUM’s bespoke services, members will feel untainted joy and excitement by experiencing magical moments that would delight the most astute of sophisticates and cosmopolites.

Enjoy the finer side with SKY PREMIUM, a premiere concierge services and exclusive membership club with benefits that extend far beyond your imagination. SKY PREMIUM is operated by SKY PREMIUM INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD., a Singapore based company.

(Photo sourced from sky premium international website)

Sky Premium International’s inauguration of their new membership services club is poised to be launched in Singapore in Q4 2016. Catering to a growing pool of individuals looking to revel in unparalleled luxurious experiences, Sky Premium is one of the few members’ exclusive privilege services developed to enrich the lives of members across the globe, providing personalized lifestyle experiences to indulge in The Good Life.

Pushing the boundaries beyond luxury travel, wellness and unique dining experiences, Sky Premium presents to members a cohesive platform with their comprehensive partners and solutions, for all to enjoy the better life. At Sky Premium, the brand delights in creating The Good Life be it in the form of a gastronomic culinary delight, a cruise to the Antarctica, or invites to closed door events and exclusive product launches. Offering a robust level of personalized experiences, Sky Premium listens to members' preferences to deliver a customized itinerary that meets their unique needs, giving members the luxury and balance of time to chase the horizon at every opportunity.

Sky Premium offers that personalized service with a dedicated member services team to assist at every touch point, ranging from providing recommendations to reservation services through consistent, high quality performance and service. Members can look forward to enjoy preferential rates from esteemed brands and merchants from more than 40 travel destinations, dining, fashion and wellness such as FJ Benjamin, Karma Resorts, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Antarctica XXI and an umbrella of brands under the UNLISTED COLLECTION & Banyan Tree Hote & Resorts.

Forged with a pristine presence in the entertainment industry, Sky Premium's two appointed panel advisers, Allan Wu and Tan Min-Li, are at the forefront of trends when it comes to fashion and luxury living. Playing a pivotal role as panel advisors, both individuals have the appropriate chemistry and influence to provide meaningful guidance and safe harbour of merchants for extended member's benefits.

Representing a common theme in the pursuit of The Good Life, Sky Premium's symbolic logo of a dodecahedron arrangement reflecting the globe embodies the brand's aim to connect all members under one sky, to share and enjoy endless privileges in pursuit of "The Good Life". Members can look forward to a welcome package worth more than the membership fee and access to the members-only privileges portal.

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