European Blending Formula The Therapy By Face Shop


THEFACESHOP showed remarkable accomplishment in both Korea and overseas as a global leading cosmetic brand.

The brand essence of THEFACESHOP is "high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature". THEFACESHOP is inspired by nature and believes that there is natural beauty to everyone.

It is like a masterpiece. THEFACESHOP’s latest European blending formula-based skincare delivers an excellent anti-aging effects on skin. Formulated with 200 year old natural blending therapy from Europe, “The Therapy” is bottled up with the sweat of Marches’ very own hand-made manufacturing method. The natural blending method first became known to the world by scholars who studied medicine in 19th century. Condensed into 135 hand-blended recipes that vary in botanical ingredients (marigold, olives and bay leaf etc.) and processing techniques, it is used as a means to beautify skin for over 200 years.

“The Therapy” is made with scientifically proven blending therapy that had been in coordination with a botanist, Dr. Pabio of Marches University, Italy.

Marches is located in the central east of Italy, and due to its geographical feature, (Mediterranean Sea weather, winds, hills, and surrounding mountains of 2,000 meters) various medical effective plants grow well by themselves. Plus, the place is yet to be contaminated by any modern hazards, a perfect place to collect natural ingredients for cosmetics.

The European base skincare line comes with four products from tonic treatment, formula emulsion, oil-drop anti-aging serum and cream. Each comes with provena anti-aging effects, tested by a number of panels by THEFACESHOP and its correlated research center, For those ladies who are looking for anti-aging cosmetics that do not have to do with Oriental medicine and hard-to-breath herbal smells, The Therapy could be the right one for you.

Moisture Blending Formula Cream - 

Europe beauty therapy research therapist essential oil know-how and France sea thalasso water contained hydration cream.
Moisture cream with natural mineral rich thalasso water and moisture essential oil with fresh oil gel and moisture cream texture to mix before cream use, for long lasting hydration.


This anti-aging emulsion leaves rough, uneven skin feeling supple and moisturized.


The anti-aging treatment is formulated with an essential ingredient that functions as a toner and booster to even out rough and flaky skin.

First Serum -

This first-step anti-aging serum contains a blend of French sea water and natural essential oils. It has many benefits, including intense hydration and gentle exfoliation as well as anti-aging effects.

For more info please visit their website:

Website: The Faceshop The Therapy

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