#JthejonInBKK Part 1


Recently I've had make a crazy decision by traveling alone. Supposed wanted to travel with her but oh well but I hope everything will back to how we wanted. Travel alone was along I wanted to do and this time I really travel alone!! Follow me and see what I did in Bangkok.

Arrived Bangkok around 12pm due to flight delay. 

Went out and bought my SIM card. You can find it at sukhumvit airport bangkok Gate 5 Exit B. 

I took their public transport out to my hotel. It took me roughly 1.15 Hours to reach. The hotel is located in the alley and it is not easy to be spotted if you never see the signboard along the street.

This is how the room look like!! 

Items they give:
1 queen size bed
1 kettle
2 set of instant coffee
2 bottle of water
1 Set of Shampoo and Shower foam

My Verdict:
They is some problem with their air condition after change room the air con still the same. First it was spoil then next room the air con wasn't cold even I switched it to 16 degree. 

Rate: 1/5

Budacco Hotel 
122/44 Ratchaprarop Rd, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

After check-in, I went explore around Siam area and hunt for food etc.

I decided to settle my 2 in 1 meal at greyhound cafe. 

About Grey Hound Cafe.

Greyhound first opened its door in Bangkok 1980 , launching its fashion line ‘Basic with a Twist’ style and attitude.

In 1987, Greyhound has added more aspects to the brand by expanding to food business. The first Greyhound Café was opened at the Emporium Shopping Complex in Bangkok and became instantly famous, thanks to Creative Director Bhanu Inkawat and his Corporate Executive Chef Torsit Sarisdiwongsee hands on approach in creating iconic dishes for Bangkokers. The Fortune magazine quoted ‘The hottest seats in Bangkok’ after a few weeks of opening.

In 2010, Launching another sister brand Sweet Hound – The Dessert Bar at J Avenue with the signature waffle menu under the concept “High Fashion Waffle with The Best Dressing in Town”.

In 2012, Opened its 2nd and 3rd branch in Hong Kong at Ocean Terminal and Festival Walk consecutively.
Adding ground-héy by Greyhound Café the ‘Hey –ha’ zone serving wines and cocktails at selective branches in Bangkok (J Ave., The Circle, The Crystal).

Iced Milk Tea -
Their iced milk tea was in cube form. The tea was all stored in the ice cube form and it started to melt when the warm milk is poured in. It tasted good, it was flavorful and milky. 

Taste: 3/5

Signature Complicated Noodle -

Tried out their signature noodle. It served with lettuces, minced pork meat, special garlic and spices sauce, flat flour noodle and parleys. How to eat this? First, take a piece of lettuce, then add in the amount of minced meat and sauce you want and the amount of noodle into the lettuce. It tasted quite unique but it was good. But it will get your hand dirty as the sauce will be dripping around. 

Taste: 3/5 

Website: http://www.greyhoundcafe.co.th/
Instagram: @greyhoundcafe 

Passed by Hello kitty cafe, wanted to try but feel like trying it with HER in the future. 

After You, the famous shibuya toast in bangkok. 

About After you cafe:

May began baking since she was a little over 10 years old, using only the best recipes she gathered from magazines and tv shows . She loves the aroma of good coffee and anything sweet.

Right after college, she decided to open up a dessert café to share the love. The idea is to recreate something delightful just like in mom’s kitchen – the smiles, the warmth, and the delicious scent.

After You dessert café first opened in 2007. Signature desserts include Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Lava Cake, Panookie, Figgy Pudding, etc. Customers loved the menu and started spreading the word ever since.

After that many branches opened up around Bangkok. Now there are over 10 After You dessert cafés around town, and the number of staff has grown to a big family. The menu also improved from when the café first opened and new recipes are being tested and offered regularly.

At After You dessert café the team strives to offer the most special cafés and best desserts made from the finest ingredients. The goal is to keep the very same standard of quality, service, and the warmth atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Iced Latte - 

Strong and flavorful latte. Coffee lover will love it too.

Taste: 4/5

Shibuya Honey Toast -

Yes, finally I am here to try this!! The shibuya honey toast is living up to the hype!! The toast was extremely good, it was soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. All the ingredients work well together.

Website: http://www.afteryoudessertcafe.com/
Instagram: @afteryou  

Stay tune for part 2 of  #JthejoninBKK . 

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Thanks for reading!!

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