Taiwan's Popular Bottle Milk Tea/ Latte 純萃。喝.


This popular Taiwan's bottle milk tea and latte is making all Singaporean go crazy about it now. Even myself too. The items is selling out fast, it's really sold out fast in a few hours time once the 7-11 restock it. I am lucky enough to snatch a few bottle of it. OOPS..

What's so good about it? 

They are known for their silky smooth and ultra-tasty Milk Tea and coffee Latte. 

In Taiwan, there are 10 assorted flavours of milk tea and coffee that were launched and it includes varieties such as Mandheling, Sumiyaki (Roasted Coffee), Cafe Au Lait, Matcha Latte and more.

(Imaged Sourced from Chun Chi He Facebook Page)

Latte - $2.80

The latte is way much better than any other brand!! The latte was silky smooth, fragrance and milky. I guess everyone will love it too. 

Milk Tea - $2.80

This milk tea is way much better than my favorite Gong cha and other bubble tea brand in Singapore!! You must really go try it yourself!! You won't regret it. 

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