Food Review: Horizon Bistronomy Alexandra


A bistro using french cooking techniques , world flavors . Serving gastronomical dishes of fine dining standard with affordable prices in casual setting.

Horizon the apparent line that separates the earth from the sky. In their case. They are the line that act as the body that seperates the once exquisite fine dining from the mass market.

The word "bistronomy" is conceived from a word play between gastronomy and bistro, as the meaning harmonize perfectly with founders vision to introduces fine dining inspired dishes in an more bistro settings.

In order to create a multi-sensory culinary experience the chefs present a range of carefully crafted dishes sophisticated french cooking technique and yet not restricted by traditional french flavors only. Hence the tag line:

"French's techniques, World flavors"

Since their opening in December 2014, Chef Owner Chris. believes in letting the natural ingredients shine, other than sourcing the freshest produces from both local farms and the global market the chef also strive to support other artisanal producers when purchasing wine, cheese, ciders and many other ingredients.

Inspired by great artisanal foods and holding utmost respect for food producers around the world. The culinary brigade make the best of many ingredients, such as cooking from scratch without using any form aftifical flavouring (such as MSG)

It's their pleasure to have you here and we will now hand over to let our food craft the rest of the story.

I quite like their cozy and relaxing atmosphere in this restaurant.

Curry Chicken Rillettes -

Sakura Shrimps, Rillettes, Thai Basil Pesto, Curry Leaves, Brioche. 

This dish will be served separately, you can DIY the amount of ingredients in it and the brioche will be served in a big pieces. 

Horizon's Angel Hair -

Chilled Angel Hair, spanner crab, tobiko, Ikura, chorizo oil.

My top favourite dish among all!! Mix all the ingredients well before you dig in. It was savoury and addictive. I can have more plate of this goodness. Highly recommended.

Egg 63 -

Sous Vide Egg, Potato Pouree, Enoki Mushroom Threads, Laudon, Cous Cous, Herb Jus.

The egg was cooked in 63 degree celsius. How to eat this dish, first pour the sauce given to you, next cur the egg and let the yolk to flow out, finally mix everything together and you can have your awesome egg dish. 

Tomato Consomme -

Home cured salmon confit, prawn, peas, carrot, baby zucchini, tomato consomme.

The salmon was well soaked in this clear, light and flavorful broth. This is the best entree to open up your appetite. 

Blanc -

Fresh Halibut, Cauliflower puree, Daikon, cauliflower, burnt onion, white asparagus. 

Don't judge the food by the coloring, this dish was really good just that the coloring don't look appetizing and the plating too. The plating looks weird to me but oh well. The halibut was fresh and soft. It goes really well with the cauliflower puree.

Pork Belly 2 Ways -

Crispy pork belly confit, 24 hours sous vide pork, carrot puree, baby carrot, caramel apple, green asparagus, pork jus.

Personally I prefer the braised pork belly than the crispy pork belly confit. The 24 hours sous vide pork was well braised till the texture was super soft and tender. It has the melt-in-your-mouth texture. The crispy pork belly was slightly disappointed as the skin wasn't too crispy and flavorful enough. The meat was slightly less tender and flavorful. 

Deconstructed Yuzu Cheese Cake -

Yuzu curd, whipped cheese mousse, truffle popcorn, green tea nama, cinnamon soil.

Something interesting!! You will get a different taste with every bites. The yuzu curd goes well with this dish.

Peanut Butter 2016 -

Vanilla chiboust, beuure noisettes financied, apple puree, aged pickled apple, chorizo caramel, brioche.

It was a very creative dish. Although this dish was called Peanut butter 2016 but it doesn't contain any peanut butter in it and it was replaced by other ingredients, but it still tasted like peanut butter!! Impressive!! 

Orange Soba -

Cilantro Pearl, Lemongrass Saabayon.

It was a very refreshing dessert. The soba noodle was chewy and tangy sweet. I would like it if this dish was more sour side than on the sweet side.

Memories -

Milo Truffle, kaya macaroon, Mango Lollipop, Peach pate de fruit.

This will be the ladies favourite dessert. The milo truffle was really addictive. My advise consume the milo truffle last as if you had it first, it will destroy all the other dessert taste!

My Verdict: 
I enjoyed my experience at Horizon Bistronomy Alexandra. They started out their first outlet at punggol settlement and it was very successful so they decided to expand their business. Both outlet will be serving different menu and different style. I would recommend everyone to give it a try, it was really worth the money and time. Their team really put in lots of effort to create the dishes. 

Horizon Bistronomy Alexandra
456 Alexandra road NOL building, Singapore 119962

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 11am - 11pm
                            Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The Punggol Settlement, 3 Punggol Point Road, #02-04,, Singapore 828694

Opening Hours: Wednesday - Monday: 6pm - 10pm
                             Closed on Tuesday.

Price are exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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