Platform M By MOF at Singpost Centre


Platform M by MOF creates a space that evoke memories of a colonial past. It builds on the charm of a classic train station with interior concepts that incorporate recycled materials, rustic steels, exposed bricks, raw timber and street lamps that are memorable, monumental and interactive, encouraging meal-time conversations and worth visiting rather than just an ordinary food hall.

This MOF Foodhall epitomizes a heritage Railway Station and reminisces the good old days by incorporating period decorative elements like retro collapsible gates and arches to create interesting interplays with classic steel lamp posts. The discerning choice of recycled materials enhanced with lighted exterior cornices, transports one to a quaint railway station abuzz with 10 great food & beverage kiosks - 9 restaurant concepts with 1 fruit juice concept.

A melting pot of exciting Local Delights & Coffee, Cantonese Kitchen, Korean, Japanese, Western and Northern Chinese cuisine all located in one destination food stop. 5 new restaurant brands (Duck Master, So Lucky, Economi of Scale, Yaki Ramen, Kazu Kazu and Fruit Juice) perfectly complements the now popular Ju Hao xiao long bao, Tensho, Kaisen Tei and CafeMama; offering the foodie a myriad of regional tastes and textures.

A self-ordering cashless kiosk system with the Platform M card completes the guest experience at Platform M by MOF. 

Platform M card by MOF

Enjoy cashless dining at Platform M by MOF! Buy the new Platform M Card to enjoy10 great food concepts at one themed foodhall. Just "tap and go"!

Terms & conditions

1. Each new Platform M card is at S$20 with credited S$17 in account 
2. Admin fee at S$3 
3. Subsequent top up values at S$10, S$20, S$30, S$40, S$50 AND S$100. Top up maximum to S$100 per Platform M card. 
4. All Platform M Cards are valid for a period of 1 year (365 calendar days) from the date of purchase. Upon expiry, all Platform M cards can be renewed at the Platform M retail counter/Platform M Card kiosk for any number of times for a further period of 1 year on each renewal, subject to the payment of the S$3 Admin fee. 
5. Where the Platform M card has not been renewed for more than 2 years or more, the Platform M Card shall no longer be valid for further renewal, top up and/or use. The User will be entitled to claim the refund of the remaining value on such Platform M Cards. An administrative fee of S$1 will be imposed, for the claim of the remaining value, for every month or part thereof beginning from the third year of expiry to the day of the claim of the refund. 
6. The maximum liability of Megafood Concepts Holdings Pte Ltd to the user under these terms and conditions shall not exceed S$10 per Platform M Card or the Stored Value of the User’s Platform M Card as at the date of the User’s claim arises, whichever is the lesser.

DUCK MASTER (Cantonese Kitchen) - NEW 

Duck Master presents the quintessential Hong Kong Specialty Chinese roast duck prepared lovingly with special herbs and spices from a well-kept Cantonese recipe. The distinctive signature marinade combines the duck meat in a variety of rice and noodle dishes from this cosy Hong Kong Roast meat stall. The skin is crisp and taut with the succulent meat texture that is best eaten neat with a fluffy bowl of white rice or springy noodles.

Look no further for freshly roasted meats, steam and roast chicken, dim sum and Hong Kong style porridge that are prepared by a team that are fully committed to the craft of authentic Cantonese roast duck, meats and dumplings. It’s not the size but quality that matters at Duck Master!

Century Egg Porridge 

Salted Egg Fish Skin -

Crispy and savory fried fish skin.

SO LUCKY (Local Delights & Coffee) - NEW 

Grandma’s well-kept Local Delights recipes like laksa, curry noodles, mee rebus and mee siam developed in 1933, traditional freshly brewed Kopi/tea, kaya toasts with unique fillings and eggs are popular local street food staples that are presented in a causal Asian restaurant. The old-world graphic tiles and home cooked cuisine together complement grandma’s secret recipes. So lucky to be shared with everyone and a taste to remember!


ECONOMI OF SCALE (Signature Steak, Grill, Pasta, Salad) - NEW 

Economi of scale is a casual value-for-money western restaurant brand that promises quality signature steak and popular western grills like Black pepper chicken, Grilled fish, seafood and more with generous portions of onion rings and fresh greens. The cosy interiors and friendly staff will happily suggest an appetising and comforting meal for you to hang out with your BFFs and kids!

Grilled Chicken Pasta -

Kazu Kazu (Japanese Specialty Katsudon & Oyakodon) - NEW 

Kazu Kazu 丼ぶり屋 is a casual family restaurant specialising in affordable donburi (丼) or Japanese rice bowls. The signature dashi, soy sauce and mirin or homemade curry sauce perfectly complements the simmering fish, meat or vegetables served over quality imported rice. Each Toji don, Gyudon, Yaki Niku don, Curry don and more are selected by our ethnic Japanese Head Chef to introduce the diversity and charm of the Japanese staple meal. Kazu Kazu, a versatile donburi for everyone.

Teriyaki Don -

Yaki Ramen (Japanese Specialty Ramen) - NEW 

Ramen is japanese soul food! All Yaki Ramen homemade soup broths are made with a Tonkotsu base - slowly simmered and cooked for the ultimate comfort food experience. Stir-fried noodles with different combinations of toppings sliced pork (チャーシュー chāshū)/ seafood (シーフード Shīfūdo), dried seaweed (海苔 nori) and green onions (葱 negi) create endless possibilities of deliciousness.フ Rāmen Chefs) combine the ingredients to present a menu reminiscent of trendy sidewalk eateries in Japan.

OPENING PROMOTION - Platform M card:

Exclusive Platform M Cashcard credits, From 18 oct -18 nov 2017, 2 great deals:

A. Purchase a new $20 Platform M card and get $5 added credit. Card admin fee and conditions apply. 
B. Top up $100 and get an additional $10 free credit

1. 1st time purchase $20 Platform M card and get $17 credits. Administration fee $3. 
2. Not valid for subsequent cash top ups 
3. Subsequent up amounts: $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100 
4. Valid from 18 Oct – 18 Nov 2017 5. Valid only at Platform M, SingPost Centre #02-138/139/140/141/142 6. MOF reserves the right to amend/terminate the promotion and cashcard programme without prior notice 

Coming Soon ~
2 new brands coming soon to Platform M by MOF at Singpost centre.
Nitro Cold Brew and MOF desserts. Plues new yummy items from Duck Master!

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