(Adv) - Audio House, The 1st Ever QR Cashless Electronics Outlet Opens in Singapore!


Audio House Launches Singapore’s First-ever Completely Cashless Electronics Showroom -

Audio House is first to challenge the market with this new concept - to offer electronics at up to 20% lower than the lowest prices in Singapore 
• Audio House promises a price match with any competitor’s price, and on top of that offer extra $20 cashback with every $100 spent store-wide 
• First electronics showroom with a completely cashless concept; no cashier counter at all 
• Processes are digitized at the showroom, from selection of products, delivery arrangements, payments and more for over 3,000 SKUs 
• Significant savings of Increased productivity where salespersons have more effective use of time to provide value-added services such as product demonstrations, information sharing and more.

In 2004, Audio House was the first to offer “7- day Money-back guarantee” with no questions asked in the electronics industry. Today, Audio House, a homegrown electronics chain in business for over 20 years, has made a bold move to be the first in market to challenge the market (including all online and offline competitors) & offer electronics at up to 20% rebate on top of the lowest prices in Singapore.

Basically, Audio House promises a price match with any competitor’s price and an additional extra $20 cash back with every $100 spent storewide. Audio House will also revamp its entire showroom and payment system to bring forth a whole new shopping experience to its customers with a completely cashless payment concept. They are Singapore’s first to go completely cashless. In August 2016, Audio House downsized to just one outlet at Bendemeer Road, closing down their 50,000sqft store at Liang Court. Many thought it is shrinking its business with this move. However, the company is actually planning to pass these cost savings to its customers and revamp its business model, converting its only flagship store at Bendemeer into a showroom offering 100% cashless payment solutions.

With these moves, Audio House is expecting to lower its operating costs significantly, in turn passing these savings on to its customers. Thus allowing Audio House to offer electronics at up to 20% lower than the lowest prices in Singapore. “It is very difficult to challenge the market with the lowest price and offer an additional up to 20% rebate to all customers. With the cost savings from this campaign, we are able to pass these savings directly to our customers.” Says Mr. Alvin Lee, the Managing Director of Audio House. 

New Launch Promotion For 10 days from 11 to 20 November 2017, Audio House will be giving out free $100 vouchers to all new members who sign up at Audiohouse.com.sg. These vouchers will be given in $20 denominations, where these new members can offset each $20 voucher with every $100 spent. This $100 voucher is as good as cash as most items are easily a few hundred dollars. Audio House is looking forward to allow new customers to understand and experience the new cashless concept at Audio House. 

100% Cashless Payment System Customers can visit Audio House’s showroom to check out the latest home electronics, touch and feel them, as well as speak to the sales promoters about the specifications and more.

After deciding on their purchases, customers can then make purchases via Audio House’s e-commerce platform, with arrangements of delivery and payments also completely done online. High Efficiency with Newly Revamped Automated POS System Audio House has invested around $500K over 3 years to create a whole new ecommerce platform that provides information on sales promotions, stock availability, delivery and more, with information feedback from its back-end system. With this platform newly launched, Audio House expects to increase staff efficiency and productivity as stocks management are more efficiently done, syncing both online, back-end as well as delivery service directly.

 Customers looking to shop online can also expect a more efficient and accurate experience, as stock availability, prices and promotions are reflected in real time. 

Operating hours at Audio House will also be shortened. Previously opened from 11am to 9pm, the new retail hours will now be from 12.30pm to 9pm. With Audio House’s e-commerce platform, however, customers can browse and purchase the lowest-priced electronics 24/7. 

Audio House challenges the market + offers up to 20% rebate If a customer finds the same product cheaper elsewhere (be it online or offline in Singapore), they can bring the photo proof to Audio House showroom where Audio House will match that price immediately. On top of matching the lowest prices, customers are given up to 20% rebate. 

Audio House
72 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 339941

Opening hours: Daily: 1230pm-9pm

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