Food Review: Chimney Singapore – The First Hungarian Pastry Shop


Chimney - A traditional Eastern European pastry. The first in Singapore! It's located in scape. What's chimney? They are made by rolling and depositing layers of sweet, yeast dough onto a tapered cylindrical rotating spit before baking them in an oven. Chimney cakes are commonly seen and enjoyed as a carnival food.

Now our turn to try it out!

Chimney Cone with Softserve $4.50 -

Warning, it will get very messy while you eating the chimney cone. What's make of? Cinnamon sugar chimney cone with a homemade vanilla softserve. The latter is generally on the sweeter side, with a texture between a gelato and a softserve. 

Food: 3.5/5

My verdict:
This dessert is definitely worth the money and calories. I will be back again somedays! 

2 Orchard Link #02-02
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 1100 – 2100 / Saturday – Sunday 1100 – 1500, 1700 – 2200
Contact: +65 9630 3497


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