Philips Launches the New SpeedPro Max with A 360-Degree Suction Nozzle for The Fastest Cordless Cleaning Experience


Revolutionize how you clean with the newest innovation from Philips, the SpeedPro Max! With a cutting edge 3600 suction nozzle that is engineered to capture more dust and dirt faster, it delivers the fastest1 cordless cleaning experience with every single stroke - even backwards, making every move count to meet the challenges of a modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

Innovative 360 degree suction nozzle, for 360 degree powerful dust pick-up Current vacuum cleaning technology cleans solely with a forward movement, but with a 360 degree suction nozzle, the Philips SpeedPro Max also cleans on the backward stroke, ensuring a faster finish with pick up of everyday dirt in one forward and backward stroke!

The 360 degree nozzle ensures exceptional cleaning performance in every direction, even along walls and furniture. Suction from all sides picks up more dust and dirt, powered by the advanced PowerBlade Digital motor which has an unmatched, high airflow of more than 1000 L/min at the nozzle, enabling 360 degree suction.

Further enabling the cleaning power of the advanced 360 degree nozzle is PowerCyclone 8 - the best cyclone technology from Philips bagless vacuum cleaners – which ensures highly efficient dust and air separation for extreme performance, in just three steps. Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the optimized air inlet, ensuring maximum airflow. The curved air pass then further accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber, and at the top of the cyclone the exit blades effectively cut the dust out of the air so they end up in different chambers – keeping the powerful 3600 suction stronger, even over time.

Designed for the ultimate user experience, for less time spent cleaning and more on the things you enjoy Superior performance, efficiency and convenience - with the Philips SpeedPro Max, your cleaning needs are covered.

Reaching under furniture can be tricky when cleaning, but the SpeedPro Max still delivers a powerful performance even when lying flat on the floor – extending your reach to tackle those dark corners and hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed and sofa, while the LED nozzle reveals hidden dust in those typically tricky spots, giving you the confidence that you are efficiently picking up every bit of dirt from your home.

Uninterrupted cleaning is now a reality, with a 25.2V Lithium Ion battery that ensures you have up to 65 minutes of cordless cleaning power for anything from soft to hard surfaces. A variety of integrated accessories like a mini turbo brush and an integrated brush head makes the SpeedPro Max your versatile cleaning essential, allow you to seamlessly clean anything from plinths, narrow areas and even ceilings; and you can clean pet hairs off your sofa with the easy to switch to detachable, hand-held vacuum. Also, the Smart Power Control has three speed settings so you can tackle all kinds of dirt, ranging from fine dust, fluff and hair to bigger particles like crumbs.

A 3-stage advanced hygiene filtration captures up to 99% of fine dust, bacteria and allergens2 in your home, so you can breathe easy knowing the Philips SpeedPro Max gives you a powerful and thorough clean. Once you are finished with cleaning you can effortlessly and hygienically dispose of the dirt, thanks to the unique dust bucket, designed for mess-free emptying.

No matter how messy things get and what life throws at you, you’ll be able to clean so fast with such exceptional results - it’s almost like the mess never happened. Take control and revolutionize how you clean with the Philips SpeedPro Max!

Pricing and Availability Philips SpeedPro Max is now available in 2 models, the Philips SpeedPro Max FC6823/61 (RRP: $699) and Philips SpeedPro Max FC6813/61 (RRP: $549). They are available at Philips and leading electronics stores, major department stores and selected authorized dealers. For more information please see

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