Tonkichi Hokkaido at Orchard Central


I was invited to Tonkichi restaurant at Orchard Central outlet to taste their menu.

I brough along my bestfriend J to try it out with me too. She also another picky eater that definitely give me a good feedback.

Some history about Tonkichi!

They serve authentic Tonkatsu – Long-established Tonkatsu restaurant with history of over 20 years in Singapore. Cosy comfort reminiscent of casual eateries in Japan.
Popular menu is big and freshly-fried Tonkatsu. You can enjoy Japanese set meals, such as Sashimi and Sushi as well.
In 2013, they marked the 20th year anniversary since the opening of Tonkichi, and this restaurant has been loved for a long while by not only the Japanese but also the national people as long-established Japanese food restaurant.

Started off my lunch with a good sapporo beer.

 Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg) -

The egg was very smooth, eggy, and with lots of ingredients in it such as mushroom, fishcake and chicken meat.

 Uni, salmon, salmon belly sashimi -

All is ala-carte. The uni was very fresh and addictive. Seafood and uni lovers will definitely love it. Don't miss it.

 Salmon sushi, salmon maki -

Ala carte order. The salmon sushi was fresh and good. The rice they use was authentic Japan rice. Salmon maki came in rice, cucumber, seaweed, salmon and topped with wasabi on the top.

 Sushi and Tempura Set -

You can choose oyster, pork or chicken tempura. I choose oyster for my set. The fried oyster was huge and fresh. I am oyster lover and this fried oyster was well fried and seasoned. Sqeeze some lemon juice onto it to get different taste.

What is in the sushi plate? Salmon, prawn, swordfish, hamachi, scallop, salmon roe, and tuna. A worthy set if you want try sushi and signature tempura.

 Signature tonkatsu set -

It came with tonkatsu, chawanmushi, miso soup and a bowl of rice. The tonkatsu was well fried and marinated. The pork meat was thick and firm. The veggie beside it can be refill unlimited time.

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