Tips and Tricks of LG G7+


A picture speaks a thousand words. With the superior camera of the LG G7+ThinQ, you can take amazing photos like a pro.

With many built-in functions to play with, you can easily edit images and videos on the G7+ThinQwithout the need for third-party apps.

This Mid-Autumn season offers fantastic photo opportunities to capture the various lantern décors that have lit up across Singapore. Here are some tips and tricks to capture these great photos with the LG G7+ThinQ/
Auto Mode with Filters Lets You Set the Right Mood for the Right Moment.

Right place, right time — sometimes good photography takes a bit of luck. Using the camera’s auto mode, all you need to do is to tap the screen to focus on the subject and start snapping away. 
The LG G7+ThinQ also has up to 17 preset filters for you to set the mood of your photos. For Mid-Autumn Festival shots, the romantic filter works well as it adds a warm atmosphere to the photos.
Switch to Manual Mode When Photographing Night Events  

The manual mode on the LG G7+  ThinQ can achieve this. Firstly, set the aperture to f/1.6 to allow more light to pass through the camera ’s sensor. Then increase the ISO to boost the camera sensor’s sensitivity to light —
the higher the ISO,  the brighter your photos will be.

Alternatively, use a shutter speed of 5, 10 or 20 seconds to allow light to enter the camera for a longer duration. In  turn, your photos will appear sharp  and bright. When using slow shutter speed,  it is recommended to
mount the smartphone onto a tripod as the slightest movement  will cause the picture to become blurry.

Use  the Super-wide-angle  Lens to Capture the Full  Essence of a Scene

The  LG G7+ThinQ comes  with a  16MP rear  camera, which  has a 107-degree  super-wide-angle. With  this lens, you can easily  create reflection shots, which  are a popular photography style  on Instagram. Stunning reflection  shots require capturing more details, such  as the full display of lanterns and lights  or the multitude of passersby walking along the  streets. You can easily capture such scenes with  the camera’s super-wide-angle lens. Also, LG G7+ThinQ has  an IP68  rating, which  means that you  do not have to worry  about damage should the phone  come into contact with the water.   
Aspect  Ratio is  the Key to  Better Compositions   

Manual Settings: F-stop (f/1.6), Exposure Time (1/10 sec), I
SO (50), Filter: Everyday, Intensity (45)

LG G7+ThinQ’s camera offers three aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3, and 18:9:9. To photograph the larger-than-life lantern sets, and include as much as of the sprawling display as possible, toggle the full-screen option and set it to 18:9:9 to take panoramic shots. Instagram aficionados will appreciate the 1:1 setting as well, as they now have a definitive guide on how to compose shots ideal for the iconic square frame.

HDR –Shoot  Outdoor Photographs  with Greater Confidence

 HDR Disable

HDR Enable

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) function is a boon for street photographers in sunnySingapore. When enabled, the HDR function adjusts and property sets the exposure inharshly lit conditions. Get a nice contrast of colors with the blue sky and red lanterns.When the camera is in auto mode, it will intuitively decide when you need to turn HDRmode on.

Bonus Tip: Produce 4K HDR10 Home Videos with LG G7+ThinQ
Now that you are familiar with LG G7+ThinQ’s functions, you can harness them to shootvideos for keepsake as well! The smartphone can record HDR10 videos; this video formatreproduces a broader range of colors, so that your footage of the dazzling lanterns pops and
looks true to life. The smartphone can also shoot videos up to 4K resolution for sharpimagery.

For more information about the LG G7+ThinQ:

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