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Few weeks ago, I redeemed this Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea from Sample Store. After I tried it, I fall in love with it, their tea was good, it was smooth, fragrance and calming. I made a purchase from them as my family love it as well.

They are committed to the strategy of "recovering watersheds" and promote Pinglin as a "pesticide-free watershed" enterprise through friendly agriculture. 

To promote ecological and agro-ecological coexistence, they have introduced all the outputs of Pinglin, no pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and environmental friendly methods. The cultivated tea is called Taiwan Blue Tea. Their aim is to build a catchment-free watershed in the upstream catchment area of ​​Feitsui Reservoir, so that the ecology of all things and the rural areas coexist in the catchment area. The tea farmers participate in the “recovery of watersheds” and become environmental protectors through environmentally friendly farming. 

Protecting tea gardens and ecology through [brand]; allowing more farmers and young people to participate in environmentally friendly farming through identity consumption; and adopting the model of “bringing consumers into the farmhouse experience” to allow consumers to identify with the origin and train local farmers. Tell the story of the hometown. In this way, leading the brand that takes ecological and agriculture into consideration and creating land value is the purpose of Taiwan's blue tea.

The product is healthy, organic, antioxidant-rich, 100% chemical-free, eco-friendly - 

3 types of tea to choose from: 

1. Pouchong Tea - Taste: Smooth, elegant fragrance 
2. Honey Flavor Black Tea - Taste: honey-fruit aroma 
3. Oriental Beauty - Taste: fruity, smooth and naturally sweet 

Directions: Rinse the cup with the hot water. Put 1 tea bag per cup. Pour in freshly boiled water (250ml), and allow it to stand for 2-3 minutes. 

You can redeem the product here: 
Find out more about the brand and the product here:

Thank you Sample Store!!

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