Food Review: Canton Paradise


Last weekend, I went to dine at Canton Paradise with my family. Follow me and see what had we order! 

Double Boiled Chicken Soup ~ The soup was rich and fragrance. It's good and healthy dish to kick start our meal. 

Siew Mai ~ This siew mai was huge and meaty. 

Spicy Dumpling ~ This dish was quite disappointed. As we can't taste the spiciness instead we taste more of the vinegar! The dumpling wasn't that nice too. 

Yangzhou Fried Rice ~ Filled with prawn, sausage, egg, and fragrance rice. It was well cooked fried rice that everyone agree with it. Must order dish! 

Prawn paste beancurd with Brasied pork belly ~  Disappointing dish too, one word to describe "Awful". 

Food: 2/5
Service: 4/5 


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Till then..

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